Golriz Rezvani

Golriz Rezvani

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Golriz Rezvani

I am interested in creating a surreal world that narrates the day to day life. In most of her pieces human being plays the main role telling a story. Some stories have the sense of nostalgia, a forgotten memory and some are about what is happening now. Her main inspiration is her own experiences in life that usually has a commonality with what everybody else might have experienced.
She believes in communicating through her art and shares the pain, happiness, confusion and…

One of her main goals is to avoid making big philosophical statements through her practice. “I’m targeting the social level that doesn’t have any art education or knowledge. I believe it’s my responsibility to enhance people’s level of visual art’s understanding”. Also she is trying to avoid conveying one solid and direct message but leave room for the audience to have diverse interpretations. This way they can look and figure out/make up their own stories. “I can depict deeper context with visual elements than words and that’s why I chosepainting as my artistic language” she has said.


Master of Fine Arts-Painting Azad University, Tehran, Iran 2004 – 2006
Bachelor of Fine Arts-Painting Soureh University, Tehran, Iran 1999 – 2003
Graphic Diploma Azadegan Art School, Tehran, Iran 1994 – 1998


Winner of Calgary and Alberta Canadian art battle 2015


Juried Exhibition
Southern Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, 2017
Equinox, Walterdale Theater, Edmonton, 2014
46th National Competition of Canadian Society of artists, Salmon Arm, BC 2014
Artist's Choice, Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Calgary, Alberat 2014
SCA 45th Annual Exhibition and Competition, Montreal, Quebec 2013
Connection, Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Calgary, Alberta 2013
Not so mini prints, Alberta Printmaking Society, 2014
Women's Resource Centre, University of Calgary 2012
Multicultural Exhibition, Epcore Centre, Calgary, Alberta 2008
Niavaran Gallery, Juried, Tehran, Iran 2007
Sabalan Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2006
Saad Abad Museum, Tehran, Iran 2006
Contemporary Museum of art, Isfahan, Iran 2005
Banafsheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2004
Firouzeh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2004
Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2003
Sarv Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2000
Firoozeh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2000
Tarahan Azad Gallery, Juried, Tehran, Iran 1999
Barg Gallery, Juried, Tehran, Iran 1997