Grace Ann Thompson

Grace Ann Thompson

london, United Kingdom

About Grace Ann Thompson

My work is concerned with the poetics of vision. Playing with the rhymes of colour and the rhythm of marks I create abstract paintings that speak of the back and forth, the oscillation, the uncertainty of our sight. I aim to call into question the give and take between viewer and image. Weaving from painting to collage, to sculpture and back again, my work describes a lilting journey, both in process and image. Drawing inspiration from a variety of scenes and sources around me, and picking threads from a diverse crowd of other artists, my work is a rich montage; a shelf heavy with the mementos of travels; your pockets after a busy day in town.
My palette is English but my shapes exotic. My touch is feminine but my composition brutal. Throughout my practice I enjoy gluing separate things together. As an extensive hoarder of everything around me, I think of my paintings as collections. Collage and collections are inseparable in my opinion.


Oxford University
BFA Fine Art