Greg Gregson

Greg Gregson

Chicago, IL, United States

About Greg Gregson

Greg Gregson create large-scale, gestural paintings that are built up through layers of oil paint on canvas overlaid with mark-making using pencil, pen, ink and thick streams of paint. Gregson’s work conveys a layering and compression of time, space and place and a collapse of art historical references, from the dynamism of the Italian Futurists and the geometric abstraction of Malevich to the enveloping scale of Abstract Expressionist color field painting. Deep earthy hues, delicate yet expressive gestures create these wonderfully organic abstract Still Lifes and landscapes.


Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
Industrial Design Academy, Moscow



1996 - Gallery 224, Laguna Beach, CA
1996 - Galerie Le Jardin des Arts, Tokyo, Japan
1997 - Robert Aichele Gallery, Atherton, CA
2000 - Gallery House, Palo Alto, CA
2001 - Gallery House, Palo Alto, CA
2002 - Zyt Gallery, Los Altos, CA
2004 - Kirk Gallery, New York, NY
2006 - Kirk Gallery, New York, NY
2012 - Metropolitan Green Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2017 - Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI
2018 - Parallax Art Show, London
2018 - University of Wisconsin Art Gallery, Madison, WI