Greta Makarevich

Greta Makarevich

Saint-Peterburg, Russia

About Greta Makarevich

Greta Makarevich is an artist from Russia. She has a minimalist graphic technique. Her paintings are a journey into the depths of the soul. I hope you feel the special energy of her art!
Greta shows off her intriguing figurative drawings on paper and canvas. Her works are distinguished by symbolic figures and psychological subjects. The main theme of her work is birds that look like people and human figures. Her graceful sensual bodies are abstract and minimalistic. In figurative canvases there is a Matisse line. The artist usually uses gel hands, graphic markers, ink, acrylic and watercolor.


Greta has been painting since childhood, went to art studios. She has a higher education at St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Graphic Design.