Upload/Listing Your Art For Sale

Upload Your Art

If you are signed in, click on the Upload Art link in the dropdown menu under your name in the top navigation. Click on the 'Select File' button.

Select File button location

Select a file on your computer that you want to upload. The minimum file size accepted is 1200 x 1500 pixels.

Once you have chosen the file, you will be asked for the following listing information:

  • Title.
  • Description. Think of this from a buyer's perspective - give enough information to inform the buyer, help in the buy decision and give some insight into you the Artist. Disclose all flaws.
  • Date of Creation.
  • Category - Medium - Style - Subject Matter. This information will be especially useful for Search and Browse features. The more information, the easier it will be to find.
  • Dimensions.
  • Keywords - choose a maximum of 5. Spend time choosing carefully - avoid words that aren't descriptive, avoid adjectives, describe the subject (what is it?), answer who, what, how, why, when and where.

Select the crop of the thumbnail which determines how your work will look in thumbnails and previews in various sections of Saatchi Art.

I am the Artist checkbox location

If you check this box, you will be given the ability to sell the original and/or prints. You do not have to sell the original, you may choose just to sell prints or you may choose to do both. When you choose to sell prints you are granting Saatchi Art a license to print fine art reproductions via its Giclée print product line.

If you do not check this box, you may still upload the file but you are subject to the Terms of Service governing Member Content. You must be the sole and exclusive owner of all Member Content or have all rights, licenses, etc. necessary to make available such Member Content. Click here for more information - www.saatchiart.com/terms

Selling Your Original Work

Selling the Original checkbox location

Select a price for the Original. If you would like pricing tips - click here. Include the cost of professional packaging in determining the price.

NOTE: Be accurate in providing shipping weight, shipping dimensions and shipping origination. This information WILL be used to calculate shipping costs for the buyer. Saatchi's shipping account will be used to process the shipment and shipping costs will be incurred by Saatchi. If actual shipping weight, shipping dimensions and shipping origination information at the time of shipment varies from the information provided by you, Saatchi (after providing documentation) reserves the right to deduct the resulting increased shipping costs from your Net Sales Proceeds.

Selling Prints of Your Work

Selling prints

To make fine art print reproductions and logistics cost effective and to simplify the decision process, we are limiting the number of sizes and shapes that we offer our valued collectors. The total pixel count and shape of the uploaded image will determine the fine art print sizes and shapes available for purchase. Keep in mind, the bigger the total pixel count of the uploaded image, the more sizes you will be able to offer the collector. In this section you are shown the sizes and shapes that will be available for purchase by the collector.


The recommended prices are set by looking at the competitive market for open edition prints and positioning the Saatchi Art print product within the marketplace. We strongly suggest that you use the recommended price.

The recommended (or minimum) sale price of each print size is set by Saatchi Art, but by using the above pricing calculator you can increase the price of the smallest print size in your selection. The prices of the other print sizes in the selection will be adjusted accordingly.

At a maximum, the print prices can be either 2 (for print sizes with a recommended price > $300) or 3 (for print sizes with a recommended price < $300) times the recommended price.

Your earnings on each print sale is shown. For pricing tips, please see our pricing page.

canvas wrap

The 1.25" edges of the canvas that wraps the wooden frame and visible from the side will either be black or white. The default selection is black, please select white if that is your preference.

Upload Identification

In order to prevent fraud and protect our customers, we must receive a copy of a government issued identification that includes your photo and full name (ie. passport or drivers license) before your artwork will be listed for sale. You may black out the identification number. There are two ways to upload a copy of your identification:

  1. Upload it as part of the Upload/Sell process.
  2. Go to Account > Address and Identification and upload it within the Government Issued Identification section of that page.

Safari 5.x and below is not supported on Saatchi Art.

Please see "How to install Safari 6" (minimum requirements, Mac OS X Lion v10.7.5). You may also try Chrome or Firefox.