Gwen Roberts

Gwen Roberts

Lake Cathie, NSW, Australia

About Gwen Roberts

Artist Statement

I am an emerging artist with the need to gratify my mind and soul to achieve the highest possible level of proficiency. My objective is to attain a mastery level in producing representational art.
What you see on my website and social media platforms is this progression towards artistic excellence. I share with you my constantly evolving work that not only seeks dexterity and expertise but also its voice.

My art is essentially traditional in style yet transcends into the contemporary through its sentiment. I try to eliminate influences of fashion to avoid any preconceptions of era. The colour palette is limited for a softened aesthetic and the treatment of the background is left neutral to retain the viewer’s attention on the subject.

I am very much in touch with my own femininity and vulnerabilities. There’s something that interests me about translating the female form into a painting or a drawing; it’s intimate, revealing and poetic. It can be sensual and it can be visceral. The reward is that it creates an intimacy with the viewer and expresses feelings that might not otherwise be spoken. My art can only succeed by communicating understanding, raising questions and ultimately provoking empathy.

Gwen Roberts



British born Gwen Roberts is a full time artist now living and working in Australia. Gwen implements an uncommonly known technique using sandpaper in the preparation and rendering of the drawing. It is time consuming and labour intensive.
The medium is applied in thin layers and laboriously manipulated with fine sandpaper into meticulous detail.

She has exhibited internationally and has sold her work to private collectors around the globe.
Gwen enjoys sharing her skills and has written a book; ‘How to Draw Photorealistic Portraits’. In addition she gives one to one private tuition and she has produced demonstration videos on YouTube for her followers on social media and given live demonstrations and artist talks.
She has written an article for a national Australian journal, Artist’s Palette and has had articles published in local media.

Gwen started her working life in the financial industry and has now fulfilled her ambition to dedicate her career to art.
She had a talent for drawing at a young age and a passion for visual arts. She has educated herself and studied the techniques used by the old masters and studied their paintings in galleries and museums. Gwen says that “art cannot be taught; it has to be found”.
In 2013 Gwen studied fine art at Winchester School of Art in the United Kingdom before moving to Spain and finally Australia.