Henk Hannemann

Henk Hannemann

Leiden, Netherlands

About Henk Hannemann

Since ten years Henk Hannemann makes collages of “Melancholy and Desire”, as he says so himself. For his artwork he collect old books and magazines from the seventies and older.
He makes his collages on 300 grams paper and finishes them off with several layers of varnish. It protects the work, is a good UV-filter and ibrings up the colors.
The work will be send in a 30x40cm passe-partout and covered with sturdy carton to protect it from damage during transport. The work isn’t framed because the glass can break during transport and damage the artwork.
Most of the time the passe partout is ivory colored. The only thing you have to do is get a 30x40cm frame and the collage is ready to hang. Henk works with removable transparant tape, so you can always change the passe partout easily for another one of your own choice.
No, Hannemann doesn’t sell prints. He believes that prints do not have the same atmosphere and authenticity as his originals where images are used from 50 up till 100 years old.


The last five years he had (group) exhibitions in Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden and various other places in The Netherlands.

His work got selected in a collage event Kunstwerkt in Belgium and ended in the top five with an exhibition in MuZee in Oostende-Belgium.

Selected for the Zomerexpo Woest in Haags Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag.

Selected for the Zomerexpo 2017 and the work was exhibited in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.