Hans-Gerhard Meyer

Hans-Gerhard Meyer

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

About Hans-Gerhard Meyer

Moments: My painting is about memories of things I have experienced. The interpretation of several glances at a situation reflects a longer period: the moment.

Duties determine our everyday life. It takes time to deal with these. There is no time to lose. This leads to life speeding up. It is difficult to step away from this.
Still, some situations make us pause. Situations that surprise us, that are sudden or unexpected or that might be created, like pouring a cup of tea. These moments last longer than just a moment. Impressions of experiences are often composed of several views. This takes time. The memory of these moments is the subject of my painting.

Sometimes, for example, we might look at a certain detail. More glances during these moments might lead to memories of one aspect or another. These recollected glances reflect a longer period than every individual glance. In my paintings the simultaneous depiction of several recollected glances of one moment reflect the interpretation of the memory of a longer period. In this way I condense experience. The memory and the associated choice and interpretation of several glances lead to occultation, overlapping and stringing together of these and in this way the formerly strict sequence becomes varied.

During a period in which glances and the associated impressions are joined, the respective situation changes constantly. People in front of us move, we are in motion.
Interpreting the observation from different positions includes temporal changes: on the one hand in our own position of observation which has changed over course of time; on the other hand in the temporal change of the situation which occurs in front of our own eyes; and, thirdly in the differing clarity of our memory of each observation. All these aspects integrate the observer of the painting into the experience of such situations and they do not just leave him in front of the image.
As in most paintings the other temporal aspect lies in the way the brush leaves traces of paint over the canvas.

Perception Areas

These moments representing collages of glances show perception areas and areas of memories as well as their boundaries, all merging, and the gaps in between and around. All points put an emphasis on each memory of single glances and they are design elements prompted by the moments which gave shape to the image.

Glances Turn into Moments

The area of our sharpest vision covers only a few degrees and is anatomically assigned to the fovea at the back of our eye. For example if we focus our eyes on the centre of a text page, keeping our eyes still and try to decipher the surrounding part of the text, we then experience the narrow limits of sharp vision. In our daily life we don’t experience this.

The situation is the sum of gathered glances, our experience, expectations, assessments, interpretations and involuntary eye movements. Gaps do not seem to exist.

Glances which stay in our memory for longer will be merged with the painting.

Keeping their independence they will simultaneously chime whereas the pictures on their own could not achieve this. They influence and emphasize each other. The artistic interpretation is also weighting it. The different glances merge to an overall impression – the moment. All glances together narrate more impressively and more vividly than the representation of one glance on its own.

‘Installing Perception’

In its pictorial translation the overall chime of all moments leads to a personal installation of perception. I emphasise this in some paintings more or less clearly, for example by my own knees shown in the paintings. ‘Mittagessen mit Volker’ (Lunch with Volker), ‘Strandkorb’ (Wicker Beach Chair) or by my own feet in the paintings ‘10er’ or ‘3er’.


Hans-Gerhard Meyer, born in 1959 in Göttingen, married, 1 child, 1979 - 1984 Studies Art / Visual Communication (Kassel), now living in Hamburg, Germany, E-Mail: meyer.hans-gerhard@t-online.de


together with Hans-Hinrich Sievers (sculptures)
Art association Stade e.V. in the art point Schleusenhaus, Altländer Straße 2 in 21680 Stade

23.10.2020 - 28.02., extended until 31.07.2021 Museum für Bergedorf und die Vierlande, Standort Bergedorfer Schloss, museum of Bergedorf and the Vierlande in the castle of Bergedorf
Bergedorfer Schlossstraße 4, D-21029 Hamburg (Germany)
Öffnungszeiten / open time: Di. - So., 11.00 - 17.00 Uhr

11.05.2020 - 30.09.2021, BLICKPUNKTE, KSP law firm Dr. Seegers, Dr. Frankenheim Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 40, 20355 Hamburg

Augenblicke / Views
20.06. - 11.08., Schloss Reinbek,
Vernissage: 20.06. um 19:00 Uhr
Schloßstraße 5, 21465 Reinbek

Momente der Erinnerung / Moments of memory
19.03. - 27.04., With the support of the Körber Foundation / Vernissage Mo., 19.03., 18:00 h /
Haus im Park / Gräpelweg 8 / 21029 Hamburg (Bergedorf) until 27.04.

• 15.06. – 18. 07., Rathaus Hohenwestedt, auf Einladung des Künstlerkreises Hohenwestedt

01.10. - 02.10.: picture "Coffee", 100 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas inside of the exhibition "Sabores y Colores del Arte América Latina", gallery Kunststätte am Michel, Neanderstr. 21, Hamburg

28.09. - 30.01.2017 "Environment ecology discourse - around the river Elbe" / "Umwelt im Ökologiediskurs - Rund um die Elbe", gallery 25hours, Osakaallee 12, 20457 Hamburg

03.09 - 04.09.: Kunstwerk - Werkkunst, Culturcentrum Castle Reinbek

03.09 - 18.09.: Galerie of the artist house Möörkenweg 18 b-g, 21029 Hamburg, open: Sa. + Su. 15 - 18 h and by apointment, participation under the artshow Bergedorf.

20.10. - 20.11.16 : Art defies poverty/Kunst trotz(t) Armut, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Herrenhof, 67435 Neustadt-Mußbach, Herrenhofstraße 15, opening times: Sunday: 11-18 h, Tu.: 9-14 h, Wed.:18-20 h, Sa: 14-18 h

01.09 - 30.09.16: VI. INT. BIENNALE HAMBURG, Painting about "Environment in Ecology discourse - City of the Future / Human-Space-Vision"VI. INT. gallery "Kunststätte am Michel", opening time: mo to fr. 10 - 18 h.

25.05. – 15.08.16, extended until 15.01.2017, Travelexhibition „MaritimArt“, gallery "Kunststätte am Michel", Hamburg

Space of exhibition: Societät Rostock maritim e.V. at the the former Maritime Museum, Hansestadt Rostock

29.08. – 25.09.12, fielmann-Supercenter, Mönckebergstr. 29, Nähe Rathausmarkt, 20095 Hamburg

26.10. – 07.03.2016, Europ traveling-exhebition "Hamburg - Ganz Europa in einer Stadt"/ "Hamburg - All of Europe in one city", grafik, paintings, skulpture German Bundesbank in Hamburg, headquarter of Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein

15.01 - 27.01.16, ART ROME GALLERY, INTERNATIONAL EXPO, Flyer Art Gallery, Rom, Italy

13.11.2015 - 15.01.2016 unARTig - artinitiative: Mail-Art, Rathaus, Eberdingen

01.10. - 18.12.15 Picture "Kaffee" /"Coffee" 100 x 100 cm, Öl auf Leinwand inside of the exhibition: Sabores y Colores del Arte América Latina", Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, Hamburg


May 2nd - 7th, ARTBOX / PROJEKT BARCELONA 1.0, presented by ARTBOX GROUPS GmbH, General-Guisan Str. 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland in the Valid World Hall Gallerie, Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz 6, 08018 Barcelona, Spain, screen show, Catalog

April / May, add art, Hamburg's economy opens doors for art: See above entry under SOLO EXHIBITIONS for the exhibition BLICKPUNKTE at KSP
During the add art, guided tours are offered for which you can register

04/16 - April 17th Art Fest Jacobs University, this year's motto: The future in our hands

12.03.-14.06., Exhibition participation: Art defies poverty, Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Culture, travelling Groupexhibition with art from Sigmar Polke, Jörg Immendorf, Joseph Beuys, Klaus Staeck, me and others, Lage, Germany

28.03. - 29.07., Exhibition participation: Art defies poverty, Academy of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

20.04. - 22.04., FormArt, D 21509 Glinde, Markt 2, MercelliniVerbe-Haus

23.11. - 07.12., Art defies poverty / Kunst trotz(t) Armut, traveling exhibition, Wanderausstellung Hauptkirche St. Jacobi, Jakobikirchhof 22, 20095 Hamburg

15.01 - 15.03.16, Galerie RossoCinabro, Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, 00187 Rom, Italy

10.10. – 28.11., UMWELT IM ÖKOLOGIEDISKURS - ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN anlässlich der 5. Int. Biennale Hamburg - Malerei, Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, Neanderstraße 21, 20459 Hamburg (Katalog).

05.09. – 21.09. Bergedorfer Kunstschau, Ausstellungsorte: Bergedorfer Schloss, Schlossstr. 4, 21029 Hamburg, Bergedorfer Mühle, Chrysanderstr. 52 A, 21029 Hamburg, Künstlerhaus Südbahnhof, Neuer Weg 39b, 21029 Hamburg (Katalog).

12.02. – 08.09. HAMBURG – GANZ EUROPA IN EINER STADT, Grafik – Malerei - Skulpturen, Wander-Ausstellung, 1. Station: Gemeinsame Vertretung der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg und des Landes Schleswig-Holstein bei der Europäischen Union, Avenue Palmerston, 20 / B-1000 Brüssel

31.01. – 30.03., verlängert bie 09.05., Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, Neanderstr. 21, 20459 Hamburg, Vorstellung des Kunstbandes zur Wanderausstellung "HAMBURG - GANZ EUROPA IN EINER STADT". Ausstellung von Arbeiten der beteiligten Künstler.

20.08. – 08.09., "ZehnPlusZwei in einem Boot", Malerei, Konstruktionen, Skulpturen, Ausgelobt durch den Kulturaustausch Hamburg-Übersee e.V./ Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, im Museumsschiff Cap San Diego, Überseebrücke, 20459 Hamburg

20.04. – 26.05. „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, DOM zu Lübeck, Kurator: Herr Andreas Pitz, Wanderausstellung seit 2006, seit 2009 beteiligt (s.unten)

20.04.– 31.05., Ausstellung zum Europatag in der Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, Neanderstr. 1, 20459 Hamburg

27.04. – 11.05., Rosenthal ArtLounge, Philip-Rosenthal-Platz 1, 95100 Selb

20.04., KunstNachtSelb, Philip-Rosenthal-Platz 1, 95100 Selb

15.03.- 15.04., "Kunst trotz(t) Armut", Toskanische Halle Augsburg

06.12.2012.– 06.01.2013, "Kunst trotz(t) Armut", dOCUMENTA-Halle Kassel.

25.08.– 30.09., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Petrikirche Herford, Wilhelmsplatz, 32052 Herford.

18.07. – 26.08., salve art gallery, Barthels Hof, Markt 8, 04109 Leipzig

22.05. – 30.06., CONNEX Leipzig, Karl-Heine-Str. 10, 04229 Leipzig

20.04. – 06.05., Bergedorfer Kunstschau

28.04., während der "Langen Nacht der Museen"

24.02. – 21.03., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Düsseldorf

20.01. – 12.02., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“", Altenkirchen

04.10. – 30.10., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Darmstadt im Darmstadium

11.09. – 29.09., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Oldenburg im Forum St. Peter

21.06. – 20.07., POSTER GALERIE Hamburg, Schauenburgerstraße 27, Malerei: Momente

07.06. – 10.07., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“ in der evangelischen Pauluskirche, Martplatz, 59065 Hamm

03.05. – 29.05., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Rotenburg, in der evangelischen Kirche "Zum guten Hirten"

10.06. – 26.07., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Vertretung der EU-Kommission, Unter den Linden 78, Berlin

01.03. – 10.04., „Kunst trotz(t) Armut“, Bern (Schweiz)