Hermione Carline

Hermione Carline

London, LONDON, United Kingdom

About Hermione Carline

Hermione Carline is a multimedia artist and oil painter creating paintings, works on paper and original prints from her studio in London. Drawing, photography and digital montage are important components of her art practice, along with her intricate paper cut stencils.
Inspired by architecture and the natural world – both close to home and far away – Hermione describes these experiences as snapshots in her memories. Themes come and go and reappear again, so that she is not defined by subject, but through her artistic approach and her way of observing and interpreting three-dimensional forms of abstract shapes, that link the artwork together.
The oil paintings are created over many weeks through the multiple application of translucent and semi opaque colour. She adds layer upon layer of transparent pigments to create dimension through the building up of complex colour relationships. Blocks of white or light colour act as structural tools which obscure part of the painted surface, yet allow glimpses of the colour just beneath to appear, creating passages of paint that seem to recede into the surface of the painting. By imagining impossible spaces and landscapes in unreal colours, light and shadow, tension and balance become important themes across her art practice. She creates work that has a three-dimensional quality that draws the viewer into the world of the picture itself.
From childhood, born into a family of artists, Hermione was always inspired to paint. Works by her parents and ancestors – the Carlines and Spencers – lined the walls, along with collections of African masks, antique toys and various curiosities. This inspiring atmosphere both empowered her and enabled her to forge her own artistic path by exploring beyond the traditional boundaries she had inherited.
After completing her MA at The Royal College of Art, Hermione worked as a textile designer for over 15 years, co-founding the design studio, The Collection, where clients included Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. The studio created ‘stories’ of designs in particular themes and styles, producing around six collections per year. As Hermione describes: “This earlier career had an abiding influence on how I used colour and created themes or series in my artwork. I loved abstraction and figuration in equal measure, observing forms as abstract shapes, together with my use of stencils, seem to be recurring elements in all my work.”
Hermione has won awards for her innovation and skill. She has completed recent collaborations with the Mayo Clinic and Claridge’s Hotel. Hermione has exhibited with Gallery Elena Shchukina in Mayfair and at The Other Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair. Her work can be found in private collections in the UK and overseas.
In addition, her earlier teaching experience as a visiting lecturer at Brighton College of Art led Hermione to establish Art-Atelier, a teaching business, inspiring adults and young people with her original and individual style of teaching.


BA Fine Art - Camberwell School of Art
MA Textile Design - Royal College of Art


In 2013 Hermione co-curated the exhibition “Everything We See is Something Else Besides” at Testbed1, the gallery a former Victorian warehouse in Battersea.
In 2015 she collaborated with Noho Artists to create a ‘Call and Response’, group exhibition “In Conversation” at 7 Dials Club in association with Balthazart.uk


Affordable Art Fair online, 9 Apr - 3 May, with Mint Art Gallery, London
Affordable Art Fair, Mint Art Gallery, London

Brighton Art Fair, Lewes
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London
Auction Collective | Summer Auction, Candid Arts, London
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath, London
The Other Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London

Focus LDN Winter Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London
A Letter In Mind, Oxo Tower, London
Gallery Elena Shchukina Summer Exhibition, Mayfair, London
The Other Art Fair Bristol, The Passenger Shed, Bristol

ACAF Brussels, Museum of Modern Art, Bozar
PROJECT 2017: Change & Transformation, Gallery Elena Shchukina, Mayfair, London
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London

Visions of Abstraction, Gallery Elena Shchukina, Mayfair, London
The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London
Pure Art 2016, Battle, Kent
The Other Art Fair Bristol, Arnolfini, Bristol
Shop Remixed, Gallery Elena Shchukina, Mayfair, London
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London

EWAAC, Gallery Jarfo, Kyoto, Japan
Flux Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London
Pure Art 2015, Battle, Kent. Joint winner of first prize
The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London
EWAAC, Posk Gallery, London
SEEArt Fair, Assembly Hall Theatre Tunbridge Wells
In Conversation with NOHO Artists, 7 Dials Club, London, in ass. with Balthazart
The Other Art Fair, Bristol, Arnolfini, Bristol
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London