Hilde Defuster

Hilde Defuster

Cazaugitat, Gironde, France

About Hilde Defuster

Since my early childhood I felt the need to express my unspeakable feelings.
Drawing, dancing, music helped me with this sometimes difficult task.
When I was thirteen I took an evening class at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Kortrijk, Belgium, where I got my first drawing lessons and where I got a taste for good.
I loved that place and the atmosphere, in-between plaster sculptures and life models, where I could observe those older than me in front of their easels.
My teachers, but also my father, an amateur painter with very good oil painting technique, encouraged me to continue this path.


Three years of visual art studies followed as well as two years of graphic studies at the Sint Lucas Higher Schools of Arts (LUCA School of Arts) in Ghent, Belgium.


Abstract gouaches and acrylic paintings from July 2 to 31 in Office de Tourisme in Créon - Bordeaux region France
Figurative oil paintings from July 3 to August 30 in La Maison des Vins de l’Entre deux Mers located in the historic walls of the Abbey of La Sauve Majeure Bordeaux region France