Frank Wassmann

Frank Wassmann

Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, Germany

About Frank Wassmann

Already early the photographing started. At the age of 20 he bought a black and white laboratory and experimented with baryta paper, sponge, incorrect exposures, snippets and colorations.

From 1988 to 1994
Various photo documentations of theatre and art projects.
Z. B.: 06.08. to 22.08.1990 a photo documentation of the theatre experiment "Germans Open
with performances at various locations in East and West on the occasion of the opening of the Wall.
In the 90s, self-organized exhibitions together with other artists at unusual locations,
z. For example in an old carpenter's workshop, the last exhibition of this phase was in the "Roter Sand" in Bremerhaven.

From 1993 onwards, the computer slowly replaced the darkroom.

From 1998 on I concentrated on my freelance work in the graphic arts industry and on photo commissions for tapestries and parties.

Yearly repeated exhibitions with guests in my own gallery.

2012 Exhibition with maritime works at the Kulturmeile Geestefest Bremerhaven.

From 2016 cooperation with artist friends. We use various printing techniques to create artistic projects on fixed themes, which we then publish in exhibitions and high-quality presentations.

May 2016 Couleurs en Loire in Chaumont sur Loire, France. Guest exhibitor with photographic works.

2019 Joint exhibition with an artist friend Frank Michael Waldau in an empty shop in Bremerhaven Mitte.

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