Holliday Horton

Holliday Horton

San Diego , CA, United States

About Holliday Horton

Holliday's artwork is unique for our time, utilizing the latest techniques and interactive processes to create modern art that focuses on form, gesture, color, and light. She is a multi-dimensional tinkerer using virtual reality as her medium, painting with additive light, and sculpting in a room-scale environment.

She is an artist with synesthesia, a condition where senses simultaneously crossover such as tasting color, visualizing colors and spatial forms with abstract concepts, and other rare physical sensations. Her artwork is influenced by the condition and by her super vivid, lucid dreams.

A traditional artist since early childhood, her favorite mediums are virtual and augmented reality where she can push the boundaries of her imagination through spatial stereoscopic technology.


Holliday received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art - Painting/Animation from the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla California.


She has taught, lectured and exhibited her work internationally.