Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins

Rhinebeck, NY, United States

About Mark Hopkins

I draw heavily from ancient cultures, from physics and astrophysics, and from geometric symbolism in my work. To fuel my understanding of life and the human condition I have spent decades traveling with a focus on South East Asia. The culture, climate, and ways of life provide the images - morphed as they are - that populate my canvases.

Here's a bio for those who are interested:

I left Poughkeepsie for the midwest in 1977 initially to study engineering at Northwestern University and then to study liberal arts at St. Olaf College in Northfield Mn. Then I took a term in the Far East (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma, and Mainland China) and was smitten by Asian art, culture, and unique ways of life. In 1981 I got a BA and moved to Minneapolis working in Opera and theatre (Tyrone Guthrie, Sesame Street Live among others), graphic arts, film (Notably Bruce Springstien’s Dancin’ in the Dark); and restoring Victorian houses. In 1987 I booked a one-way ticket to Thailand and moved to Chiang Mai to teach English at Chiang Mai University. I opened the music/cultural venue called the 6-Pole House, worked on films (Air America, eg.), painted portraits and a major series of works. During this period, I traveled around Asia working in Java, Bali, Singapore and exploring Burma, Vietnam, Laos, and Egypt - providing me with lifelong images and inspiration. In 1995 I moved to Bali to paint watercolor illustrations for books on indigenous architecture ( and culture and to provide graphic art for major clients on the island and in Singapore. In 1997 I started a business in Singapore providing graphic design, mural and theatrical arts services for international clients as well as the government of Singapore while painting portraits and restoring artwork for the top galleries in Singapore. In 1999 I returned to Poughkeepsie, NY to care for mom (cancer) and started a business providing murals, faux finishes and portraiture in the Hudson valley. Lately I have been restoring historic buildings, painting in my studio, and luxuriating in my gardens in the Summer.

If you are interested in what inspires me: Influences/inspirations. Artists: Richard Ashcraft Wilson (, Bruce granquist (, Roger Dean, Frank Frazetta, Frida Khalo, Dali, di Chiroco, Gaugin, Mucha, Impressionism, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Ukiyo-e, Sung Literati art, Gerge Herriman, Windsor MacKay, Bill Waterson, prehistoric cave art. Music: Coltrane/Davis, Beatles, Zappa, Kate Bush, Lori Anderson, More. Writers: Khalil Gibran, Sheakspeare, Bradbury, Dostoyeveski, Film: Kurasawa, Herzog, Terry Gilliam, Chaplin, Max Fleisher,
Other: My father.


BA in Liberal arts, Saint Olaf College 1981.


Please join me at an opening at Juxtapose Gallery ( in Rosendale NY on January 4th, or at the Pleiades Gallery in Brooklyn ( on January 25th.