H u g o

H u g o

Ploiești , Romania

About H u g o

Hugo is a self-taught artist based in Ploiești, Romania.
He creates in mixed media manner using a variety of mediums, apart from traditional art mediums such as acrylics or watercolors, combining them in different ways, from which he forms a various, surprising effects starting from a basic idea drawn in an automatic state, in most of the cases using indigo paper pressed and printed on the canvas. From this process he creates a visual language from a shape, form, color, line, to a new and unpredictable composition, avoiding a specific interpretation of a subject.
He is drawn by hourglass shapes, patterns and sometimes he adopts automatism as an important part of the creative process believing in total freedom of imagination, away and uninfluenced by academic learning.
Hugo's work attempts to lett go of worring about life itself, seeking to make raw art, not conforming to any particular style, fully dictated by thoughts in absence of any control.