Hugo Perez

Hugo Perez

Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala

About Hugo Perez

Hugo Perez (Born 1976, Guatemala City, Guatemala) makes paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. He is an artist who brings to life the observable world around us, but one, which we barely feel important enough to note. From the stars in the sky to the soil we dig in to grow our food. Perez creates works with themes who repeat, as the subjects we see in daily life are repetitive bringing to attention the mundane and unremarkable into the spotlight. As his work elucidates the things we normally walk past, we will start to notice the rhythms of our day is in the familiarity of what we see again and again but different day to day. His paintings show the beauty and tragedy of what we can often miss. The artist leaves us with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. He is a visual journalist of our public spaces, spaces where anyone can do anything at any given moment: the space that no one owns, the space that belongs to everybody, the economically uninteresting. His works range in subject from the energy of the sun, to the landscape below and show the ordinary and the absurd and how they sometimes intersect. 2015


École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 2004


Collective Exhibition "lo que hay es lo que hay" 2001, SDII gallery, Guatemala
Award "Bancafé 2003 young artists" Guatemala
Award "young artist" Alliance Française de Guatemala 2004
Solo Show "common people" 2005, IGA, Guatemala
Solo Show "plague" 2006, San Carlos University Museum (MUSAC), Guatemala
Exhibition with Pablo Bosch "cats, dogs, grackles and Shadows" 2007, gallery Panza Verde, Antigua Guatemala
Art Festival "Figment" 2008, New York
Collective exhibition "Latin American emerging artists" 2009, galleria Graddy Alexis, New York
Solo show "patchwork" 2010, new gallery, Guatemala
Solo show “woman” 2012, G space, Guatemala
Solo show “ancient forms” 2013, Dishualded, Antigua Guatemala
Collective exhibition “voices” 2013, Blue Door gallery, Yonkers, New York
Collective exhibition and auction “NOoSPHERE Arts’ 3rd Anniversary Show” 2014,
NOoSPHERE Gallery, New York
Solo show “the joy of surviving” Alliance Française 2014, Guatemala
Collective exhibition and auction “NOoSPHERE Art´4th Anniversary Show” 2015,
NOoSPHERE Gallery, New York