Indre Ercmonaite

Indre Ercmonaite

Vilnius, Vilniaus region, Lithuania

About Indre Ercmonaite

My researches are based on a simple life which gets to trick the magic of the trivial round and direct events by itself. Relativity is the key to a deeper understanding of this point of view.
This is all about cosmic situations of rutine, about gallows humour, the wordplay and the dye-game, the nag for problems and finding the way back or out; although, it is important to trust the surface which layers are so tight to each other that their difference becomes integral. The absurd of life is a right code to discover the paintings, because, in my case, the nonsense is spelled separately as non sense and it means not the chaos or absurdity, but it comes from relaxed consciousness and released subconsciousness.
To escape the misapprehention between the eye, the author and the painting itself, please, lead your suspition.


2010 graduated Master degree studies of Painting at Vilnius Art Academy, Fine Arts Department.


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2019 PERDONAMI, Pramante Arte, Conflenti, Italy
2018 DEPRESIJA: JAR IS DEEP @gallery "Kairė-dešinė", Vilnius
2017 AMEN. Painting is also a human being @DSG, Vilnius
2014-07-17// THEY::: gallery Pamėnkalio, Vilnius.
2012-01-26 Thursday Review, @ gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2010-07 Game-Spectrum-Perspective-Spectriv @ The PLANETARIUM, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2009-03 Report, with mobile gallery G3k, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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