Paul David Wright

Paul David Wright


About Paul David Wright

London born, English sculptor currently living and working in France.

I am the type of artist that the French call engaged which means I am concerned and involved in the world, its problems and solutions.

The materials I use are the ones I feel are the most appropriate to express my ideas at the time. Drawing has always been an important discipline for me, as it allows a rapid visualization of concepts, be they in sculpture, painting, assemblage or other art activities. For me, the process of thinking widely around the chosen subject is essential for the successful completion of any art activity.

Though I feel free to use any material of my choice to construct works, I do not neglect the historical traditions, embedded in all the arts. In other words, I am aware of the universal language that exists in all art forms to charm, seduce, and engage the mind, eye, ear, etc. of the audience.


Studied painting, sculpture, photography and print-making at Hornsey College of Art, specializing in sculpture. A three year MA course in sculpture followed, at the Royal College of Art.
Awarded a gold medal on graduation from the Royal College of Art, London, for work of outstanding distinction.


Future Shows: Domaine des Arts
08240 Bayonville, France