Inga Levi

Inga Levi

Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

About Inga Levi

I was born and still live in Kiev, Ukraine.
My basic occupation is graphics and painting.
Worked as a book-illustrator, as a production designer, a storyboarder in filmmaking industry.

I found a favorite theme to work with - I became the “poet of the city”, depicting urban landscapes.
What excites me is a tenseness and harmony, the connection between man and space, the meaning and transformation of common places though the artistic optics.
The quote from Chekhov's "Steppe" is quite exact to express my reason to work, if "steppe" would be "city":

«In this triumph of beauty, in this exuberance of happiness, you feel a tenseness and agonized regret, as if the steppe knew how lonely she is, how her wealth and inspiration are lost to the world —vainly, unsung, unneeded, and through the joyous clamour you hear her anguished, hopeless cry for a bard, a poet of her own.»

Currently I continue working on graphics and painting.


Studied book illustrating in Kiev Polytechnical University (NTUU KPI), Publishing faculty.
Graduated in 2011.


In 2019-2020 I became one of the authors of an idea of the recent huge exhibition "Overcoming Gravity" in Mystetsky Arsenal, the largest gallery space in Ukraine.
In summer 2015 the archive of photos of a Carpathian artist was found by me and my friends. This bacame the starting point of "Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit's photo-archive saving initiative group" creation. Our group curated a number of this artist's photo-exhibitions, spreading a new-found name in the Ukrainian photography.

In 2018-2019 I held an artistic and scientific supervision, mosaic making, representation of the author V.Melnichenko during the restoration of the monumental mosaic "Stars and Constellations" (authors A.Rybatchouk and V.Melnichenko) / Kyiv, Ukraine. It was the first case of such a large monumental art object restoration in independent Ukraine.

The book with my illustrations (Vasyl Holoborodko "A glove full of verses") was signified in the international book-fair "White Ravens" in Bologna in 2011.


Solo Exhibitions:
•Topos, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017
• Vetrograd, State Museum of Art, Chernihiv, Ukraine, 2013
• Pastels by Inga Levi, 36 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2007

Group Exhibitions:

• co-author of the idea of ​​the exhibition “Overcoming of Gravity. Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit”, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019
• a4 ballpoint, Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019
• Collection. 36 gallery, Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019
• Urban landscape, Western and Eastern Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine, 2018
• Kyiv Landscape, Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017
• co-curator Portrait of Place and Time. Part 1,
Local History Museum, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 2017
• Narbut-fest, Location gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016
• Kyiv Myth, Hlibnya gallery, Kyivan Sofia, Ukraine, 2016
• Futur Folk, Museum of Pavlo Tychyna, Kiev, 2015
• Ukrainian Landscape, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv • Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2015
• The Territory of Soul fest, Plast Art (Museum of Modern Art) Chernihiv, Ukraine, 2017 • 2011 • 2008 • 2007
• To Kiev Dedicated exhibition, Dim Mykoly gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2010
• Plainair exhibition, Rusi Karabiberov gallery, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria, 2011
• Picturesque Ukraine, Odessa, Ukraine, 2006
2006 • 2015 • Kyiv, Ukraine, 2006, 2008
• KPI Talents, KPI Palace, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2006
2007 • 2008
• Artist's Day, Central House of an Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2006
• Christmas Exhibition, Central House of Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2006

Artworks are present in 36 Gallery collection, Plast Art Museum of Modern Art collection (Ukraine), Rusi Karabiberov Gallery (Bulgaria) and in private collections and galleries of Ukraine, USA , Germany, Russia, Bashkortostan, Israel, Netherlands, Georgia.