Isabelle Joubert

Isabelle Joubert

NANTES, France

About Isabelle Joubert

Isabelle is a French painter, working and living in Nantes. Her main inspiration comes from nature and slow fashion. She's an eco-conscious artist by using recycled material and by showing through her work the conjunction between human elements and nature. She expresses herself through collages, paintings and more recently, drawings.
Her entire work is permeated by a positive aura and energy.


from 2004 to 2007: school of fine Art in Nantes (France)

2003 : skills learning in the « Conservatoire des Ocres et Pigments Appliqué » in Roussillon en Provence (France)


December 2017 : portrait on the cultural blog Baronmag (Canada)
october 2017 :portrait « dans les coulisses de Isaj Atelier » in the blog ’Un Grand Marché. (France)
July 2017 : portrait on the cultural blog Mott Diseno (Peru)
June 2016 portrait on the art and design blog « Ovalme » (Greece)
2015 : British Vogue's gallery, July issue
2012-2014: Art and Decoration salon in Nantes, La Rochelle, Rennes, Aix en Provence and Meribel (France)
2013: "Unicrea" in Morges (Switzerland)
2012 : „Kunstsupermarkt“ in Solothurn (Switzerland)
2012: "111 des Arts" Paris
November 2012 : Art salon in Conflans Ste Honorine (France)
October 2012 : collective exhibition « le 111 des Arts » in Paris (France)
March-April 2012: 19th international collage exhibition in Paris (France)
February 2012 : exhibition in La Baule (France)
November 2011 : Art salon in Conflans Ste Honorine (France)


since 2015: worldwide online sales
2015: Brick Lane gallery London (UK)
2014: Manoir de Procé (Nantes France)
Melting Potes in Nantes (France)
Artyshooowww (Nantes, France)
Le Croisic (France)
2012 : Moulin de la Naze in Valmondois (France)
2011 : Gallery le QG des Arts à Nantes (France)
2010 : « Montmartre à Clisson » (France)
2007 : Salon Baert à Angers (France)