Aflatun Israilov

Aflatun Israilov

Baku, Central , Azerbaijan

About Aflatun Israilov

Aflatun Israilov is a promising self-taught seascape and landscape painter from Azerbaijan, who started his professional career only 5 years ago.

He was born and raised in a picturesque region between the Caspian Sea and Caucasus mountains.
Being physically weak in his childhood, he started doing sports to keep fit and later became a Master of Sports at the age of 20. For many years Aflatun taught Jiu-Jitsu and Karate at local schools and had many young students all across the country.
Inspired by the beauty of the Caspian Sea and swift mountain rivers of the Caucuses, he developed and patented a new type of martial arts called 'Su-Yolu' or 'Suido', translated from Azeri as "Water flow", and taught local children the new style.
Water has always been a key element in his work. He made a transition to painting in 2010, when he first took a brush in the most challenging period in his life.
Artist Statement:
My art cannot be defined as just seascapes. Through my paintings I strive to evoke intuition and inspire a feeling of openness. I want my viewers to ask themselves who they really are.
Water as the main object shows my wandering in the world, every step in my search of paradise.
Ocean water aglow with the rays of the sun and the sky in clouds evoke human emotion. An intuitive feeling of immensity, power, nature and the creator. It unites opposites. Showing human life is filled with challenges but that the sunshine always triumphs.
In my oil paintings I mostly use traditional multiple layer techniques. I believe it is the best way to create these hypnotizing seascapes and achieve the final effect.
Aflatun’s paintings are in private collections across America, Europe and Asia. Aflatun is a member of the Union of Azerbaijani artists and has had numerous exhibitions in the country. He has also been a participant and winner of several international art contests in Russia, Italy, Luxembourg and other countries.



2018 June Exhibition at national festival held by the Government of Azerbaijan

2016 23 July - 20 August “I DAUNI” Museo LE PICCOLE CISTERNE FERMO, ITALY – 1ST place

2016 May 19 – May 31 “Art in Friesland” DAVYDOVYCH GALLERY, THE NETHERLANDS

2016 25 January – 15 February “I can see the world” Exhibition at the Union of Russian artists, MOSCOW, RUSSIA – prize winner

2016 16-24 January “RUSSIAN ART WEEK” MOSCOW, RUSSIA – 1ST place

2015 22 December “National Artists’ EXHIBITION”, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan