Ilona Istvanffy

Ilona Istvanffy

London, United Kingdom

About Ilona Istvanffy

Ilona Istvanffy is a Hungarian painter currently living in London, UK.
She graduated from The Hungarian University of Fine Arts.
Her paintings depict the everyday life. The neighborhood, the home, the household and the product of woman's daily routine. She is keen on the social habits and the gender gap.
She uses mixed media on her paintings.
She is strongly influenced by Pompeji's frescos, icon painting, flemish-dutch interiors and still-lives, abstract expressionism, art informel, pop art and the Hungarian lyric abstraction (Balint Endre and Vajda Lajos).


MFA: Hungarian University of Fine Arts (2007) - Artistic Drawing, Art History and Descriptive Geometry
BFA: University of Szeged - Teacher’s Training College (2003) - Arts and Event Management


selected solo exhibitions
2013.” The Homestore” – with Kun-Sebők Kata, at The Sigma Alternative Exhibition Place in Kecskemét
2011. “GourmeEt” - Art Café, Kecskemét
2009. “Under the roof” - ArtUnió Gallery, Szentendre
2006. Kis Gallery, Kalocsa - with Szabolcs Menyhei

selected group exhibitions
2014. Art Camp Exhibition - The House of Wine and Art in Hajós (Hun)
2014. City Gallery of Kalocsa - Art Camp Exhibition in Kalocsa (Hun)
2013. The Decline of the West? - Exhibition with the X Group, the Kisház group and Vulgar Project group at the Vaszary Gallery in Kaposvár
2012. XXL - Open ArtStudio - 7 days thematic workshop with the X Group in Kecskemét
2011. RE-X with The XGroup - at The Sigma Alternative Exhibition Place in Kecskemét
2010. Industrial exhibition with The X Group - AXON’ KÁBELGYÁRTÓ Kft. Kecskemét
2010. 30X with The XGroup - at The Sigma Alternative Exhibition Place in Kecskemét
2008. Art Café, Kecskemét - exhibition with the art-teachers of Katedra Secondary School of Arts
2001. National Conference of Art Students’ Associations (OTDK), Szeged