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Jackie Braitman

Takoma Park, MD, United States



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I sculpt movement. My challenge: How do I change static, unyielding materials into the essence of motion. My passion is the motion — not the material. And thus, I explore different materials, at different scales, and with different levels of abstraction to explore how to enhance a sense of rhythm a...


Intrinsic Tempo thumb

Sculpture22 W x 37 H x 14 D in

Pirouette in Red thumb

Sculpture50 W x 82 H x 32 D in

Irma-Rose thumb


Sculpture10 W x 27 H x 8 D in

Ascending Rhythms thumb

Sculpture22 W x 34 H x 22 D in

Twyla thumb


Sculpture33 W x 65 H x 31 D in

Samba Contours thumb

Sculpture27 W x 35 H x 14 D in

The Goddess Aphrodite thumb

Sculpture53 W x 96 H x 32 D in

The Goddess Ashanti thumb

Sculpture56 W x 96 H x 32 D in

The Modern Wallflower thumb

Sculpture12 W x 40 H x 9 D in

The Bounce - Lil Kim thumb

Sculpture50 W x 73 H x 37 D in

Q.U.E.E.N. - Inspired by Janelle Monae thumb

Sculpture45 W x 73 H x 22 D in

Take Me As I Am thumb

Sculpture42 W x 66 H x 22 D in

The Goddess Sol thumb

Sculpture35 W x 96 H x 33 D in

The Goddess Inanna thumb

Sculpture38 W x 102 H x 32 D in

The Goddess Pele thumb

Sculpture52 W x 96 H x 32 D in

You Don't Own Me thumb

Sculpture23 W x 39 H x 9 D in

Prints from $60

Queen Bey thumb
Queen Bey


Sculpture37 W x 84 H x 20 D in

Rita thumb


Sculpture45 W x 80 H x 46 D in

Run the World (Girls) thumb

Sculpture28 W x 70 H x 30 D in

Prints from $54

Confident - Tribute to Demi Lovato thumb

Sculpture39 W x 76 H x 32 D in

Delilah-Rose thumb

Sculpture12 W x 24 H x 12 D in

Alana-Rose thumb

Sculpture18 W x 7.5 H x 8.3 D in

Prints from $49

Trina-Rose thumb

Sculpture11 W x 29.5 H x 9 D in

Dana-Rose thumb


Sculpture20 W x 24.5 H x 15 D in

Prints from $50

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