Jacobina Trump

Jacobina Trump

Englewood, FL, United States

About Jacobina Trump

I am in awe over God's creation. The sea, and the sailboats are about beauty, romance and freedom.

As a child I had hay fever and I was most happy when I was at sea. Surrounded by water in my native Holland I did not have to go far. I sailed whenever I could preferably ocean racing. I wanted to become a painter and studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague. To make a living I worked as a graphic Designer, stage set designer and photographer until my true desire to become a painter could not stop me any longer. I travelled to the Caribbean, became a decorative painter and started my company in wall finishes in Miami. From there I developed my skills as a fine arts painter and made several large murals. After all my travels I have become soul-oriented and I make analogies between the process the soul has to go through and the travels by sailboat.


Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague, Holland.
I order stretcher bars made from wood and a roll of canvas, mostly Belgium linen, since the weaving makes a nice flexible support to work on. I stretch the linen on the profile and staple it until a required tension is achieved. I mis oil paints on a pallet, not more than seven basic colors with whom I can make any other color. First I paint a thin layer mixed with a fast drying medium or I use acrylics to get started. Building layers I use more and more linseed oil in the top layers. This makes the paint flow beautifully.


Conference of Marine Art in Williamsburg,VA, September 2016.
I love to work with clients on a special project. I once made a large scale mural for the University of Miami. Note than I am specialized in the sea, clouds and sailboats but I am also trained in tropical landscapes and the human figure. I love to make your dreams come true and if you can dream it, I can paint it. I might need specific reference material but that is a matter of doing research. All sorts of paintings, small and large, stretched or glued onto a wall are possible