James Kriszyk

James Kriszyk

Gloucestershire , United Kingdom

About James Kriszyk

By framing each natural element, James tries to find an order from chaos, whether this be external or internal. Each image is meticulously planned and conceived.

Each location is revisited. James finds this can be an obsessional act when building a relationship with each place, to photograph the details within the expanse of the landscape to hold a state of wonder & mystery within the frame.

James' work never professes to truth; rather the frame becomes a window on the Otherworld, on nature, and the human relationship to the elements throughout history

James discovered photography as a means of expression and has been exhibiting for a number of years. The process in James' work has become part of the identity, always working with film based equipment on current bodies of work.

James lives and works on planet Earth



University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, GB, Media & Communications,