Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray

Kansas City, MO, United States

About Jamie Gray

“It is said that all forms on earth are created from the matter of long-dead stars. These shapes and patterns that I find in my environment, as well as those too small or vast to see — such as mycelium networks, storm systems, underwater worlds, geologic structures, and cosmic bodies — provide me with a constant source of inspiration. Through my art, I’m interested in visualizing the connection I see between their shared shape and pattern through an abstracted language of geometric motifs, organic textures, and even gold leaf (a reference to the star matter that makes up all life). My mixed media approach highlights an ongoing interest in integrating craft-based techniques and materials — such as custom paper marbling, collage, wood and encaustic wax — into my art practice.”

Originally from the American West, Jamie Gray’s practice is currently established in Kansas City. The artist has exhibited and sold artworks in both the United Kingdom and United States. Academic degrees in graphic design deeply underpins her visual language, which is often inspired by a nascent interest in the sciences – from mycology to astronomy. Her work had been described as both "geometric and primordial" and explores the juxtaposition of simple motifs with layered textures, as well as the integration of traditional craft-based techniques – hand-marbling, encaustic wax, and gold leaf gilding – in the making of contemporary artworks.




The Other Art Fair Dallas (virtual), '20
The Other Art Fair, London '17
Kemper Museum Popup, Kansas City '18
The House Fair, London '16
Parallax Art Fair, London ‘15


PEO Foundation Art Gallery, MO, '21
Atlantic Aviation, Kansas City, '20
Kansas City Artist Coalition, Kansas City '19, '20
Beco Gallery, Kansas City '19, '20
Venessa Lacy Gallery, Kansas City '20
Bunker Center for the Arts, Kansas City '19
Vulpes Bastille Gallery, Kansas City '19
Plug Projects, Kansas City '18
437CO, Colorado Mesa Univ. Gallery, '18
Leyden Gallery, London '17
Sweet Art Collective, London '17
Le Dame Art Gallery, London '17
Islington Arts Factory, London ‘15
Candid Arts, London ‘14
H & R Block Artspace, Kansas City ‘08
Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh ‘06
Artemis Gallery, Seattle ‘04
The Palm Room, Seattle ‘04, '03