Janaka Stagnaro

Janaka Stagnaro

Carmel Valley, CA, United States

About Janaka Stagnaro

While serving in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, West Africa, I began teaching myself how to draw and paint in 1984. In 1993, I began my formal training in the arts while studying to be a Waldorf teacher, an educational system for children that incorporates art in all aspects of education.

I enjoy working with a variety of media, including oils, watercolors, pastels, and pencils. For the most part, my work is spiritual or visionary in nature as I see my artwork as part of my spiritual pathway and as a vehicle to help people heighten or alter their perceptions of the world around and within.

My work has been represented by galleries in Corvallis, Oregon, and Palm Springs, Salinas, and Carmel in California. Major influences are Van Gogh, O'Keefe, Nicholas Roerich, Group of Seven, Marsden Hartley and many more.

Besides my role as an artist, I am an author of nine books. I live with my wife and younger son in the beautiful Monterey area. I can be reached at janaka_om@yahoo.com.


Eugene Waldorf Foundation Training
Dominican University, Teachers Credential
B.A. International Relations, Chico State Univ.


2007 Pacific Coast Church, Pacific Grove, CA (One Person)
2001  Unity Church, Monterey, CA (One-Person)
2001  Book Works, Pacific Grove, CA (One-Person)
1999  16th Annual Holiday Art Show, Pegasus Gallery, Corvallis, OR
1999   Mystic Mountain Bookstore, Corvallis, OR (One-Person)
1998  Golden Light Gallery, Corvallis, OR (One-Person)