Jean-Pierre Kunkel

Jean-Pierre Kunkel

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

About Jean-Pierre Kunkel

Born 1950 in France. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg (Germany). He worked for 40 years as a freelance advertising illustrator and painter with a focus on photorealism in Hamburg. In his first creative phases he stayed in Paris and New York. There he worked as assistant to the famous art activist Jean-Paul Goude, which from then on decisively influenced his photorealistic way of working. „For me it’s not a question of competing with the precision of a camera lens and transferring a 1:1 snapshot to the canvas. Rather, I am interested in the possibilities of giving the reality of the photo a completely different effect. I am working with color intensities, light reflections and surface structures to create a new reality. The painting enables me to intensify the uniqueness of the moments I captured with the camera and to adapt it to my own ideal.“


- Kunstakademie München
- HFBK Hochschule für Bildende Künste am Lerchenfeld, Hamburg
- Assistance to Jean-Paul Goude, New York


2018 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

2018 Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt

2018 Kölner Liste

2017 Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg

2017 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

2017 Berliner Liste

2017 Kölner Liste

June - October 2017 - exhibition at NORDART, Büdelsdorf/Rendsburg, Germany

April 2017 - Exhibition at Art Fair Koelner Liste

March 2013 - "Waves" Exhibition Maritimes Museum, Hamburg

July 2012 - Exhibition, Sylter Kunstverein, Sylt

April 2011 - Solo Exhibition "KunkelPur", Hamburg

May 2011 - Exhibition at Ostseegalerie, Timmendorfer Strand

July 2011 - "Polo" Exhibition; Photorealistic Paintings (Polo Sport), Sylt

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