Jeanne Maze

Jeanne Maze

Cognac, Charente Maritime, France

About Jeanne Maze

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From a conversation with Jeanne at home in France, Dec. 2015:

Q. Now Jeanne, what are you pursuing with your work, which I see has taken another change in direction?

A. My pictures say that life is important, with the energy in colour, and humour of movement. My recent works have developed in the use of colour which are now seen anew. This was brought in by the sunlight and shades which I saw in Cuba, and Morocco. My textile studies are about the natural pigment, and especially pushing depth into the images.

Q. As an artist you choose painting, why is that?

A. Painting is a natural form of expression for me. It's like breathing. "what kind of air are you breathing at the moment?" I love using beautifully made brushes, preparing canvases, and the development of the magic that becomes "work in progress". The excitement of developing colour mix, even the discipline of time for drying, and natural light changes, gives me a thrill. All this is a part of the finished work.

Q. Do you feel a need to develop more, and achieve more?

A. I challenge myself to push the boundaries of what I have chosen to paint. Mainly by seeking out the essence of the subjects as I see them, their soul if you will. This drives me on until is is the right moment to stop.
Standing still, as it were, is not an option for me. I couldn't stay in the same place. Painting is never a repetition. It moves forward, sometimes slowly, or in great leaps, but it is never still.

Q. So, how would you say that your painting is developing?

A. As an artist I am pleased not to be tied to any particular label. I am interested by the place where I happen to be. The surroundings and textures, and it's deeper soul. All this can become months, or even years of production, before moving on.

Q. Where do you see yourself going next?

A. Using larger formats in oil and gouaches.
Forming collections of colour prints.
Pastel was my grandfather's favourite. This is a medium that will interest me, and allow another development of subjects in my own way.
I want to sell as a painter who shares life with her collectors.
This next year there is an opportunity to develop some drawing and paintings of animals and birds which I aime to make a collection of. I am going to let it go deep, and see what is there to discover.


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Jeanne Maze Churchill is a painter living and working in south-west France. She was born in London and grew up in the UK. Her paternal grandfather was the French post-impressionist painter Paul Maze (1887-1979).


Exhibition in MAY 2015 in La Rochelle! France.
Exhebition of figurative drawing in Cognac,France December 1217.
Various commision work undertaken between 2017 to 2018.