Jeannie Sellmer

Jeannie Sellmer

Albuquerque, NM, United States

About Jeannie Sellmer

I am interested in making paintings that evoke both a sense of energy and contemplation, inviting the viewer to engage in the visual field with a sense of meandering exploration and open interpretation.

My ideas are primarily influenced by nature and organic forms. My paintings are not only an expression of observing and transcribing the external world but also about expressing my deep internal reverence for nature. I often feel I wander about in a state of marvel at natures fragile complexity and continual restoration of its delicate balance--its infinite proof of the exquisite interconnectedness of all living things.

For me the act of painting is a process that is intuitive, non-verbal, dynamic, and analytical. I like to search for a range of visual possibilities using techniques of layering colors of paint, paper, mixed media, texture, and marks which allow me to create a language that communicates on various levels. It is a process of discovery and finding deeper layers of meaning.


The Art Institute of Boston
1978 Diploma in Fine Art, Painting