JF Albert

JF Albert

Toronto, ON, Canada

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A Life's Works

J.F. Albert (November 22, 1945 - August 29, 2017)

J.F. (Jerry) Albert's legacy reaches far beyond the mediums and surfaces he expressed himself upon - a larger than life artist with a passion for iconic landscapes and the sweeping majestry that is nature. His choice of medium is rich oils with masters techniques that exude rich viscosity and old-world patina. Striking contrasts or muted blends map directly to the phases in His life, His travels and experiences across most of North America. His footprint was a tapestry in itself with learnings, teachings and life-long friendships and a vast Collectors following.

Self taught J.F. is renowned for his reach and influence in Artists circles and collector realms with works shown in Museums and publications globally.


Nov.8-14. The Freedom Factory Toronto

Nov.22 - Jan.22.19 QAC Belleville