Jean-Francois LAURENT

Jean-Francois LAURENT

YERRES, Essonne, France

About Jean-Francois LAURENT

Jean-François Laurent (JFL) was born in Lille (France) in 1975. He has taken fine arts lessons (oil painting, watercolor, drawing, sculpture…) from 7 to 21 years old as a way to express and to develop his own personality. He has started to paint with his proper style in 1997 mainly with oil painting on canvas. He is inspired by lights, colors and transparency. He has been influenced by the masterpieces of Lyonel Feininger, Robert Delaunay or Constantin Brancusi.


He has studied agriculture engineering and worked for several years as a R&D food manager. This scientific background and his interest for nature is perceptible in his painting work.


After small collective exhibitions in the North of France (2005 and 2006), and few years abroad (London UK and Brussels Belgium) he shows his work each year in the prestigious Salon d'Automne (Paris) or in Art Capital Paris (Grand Palais).