Jill Keller Peters

Jill Keller Peters

Santa Rosa, CA, United States

About Jill Keller Peters

I believe in beauty.

For me, beauty is truth, a necessary element in daily life, and I create beauty to uplift the spirit.

I paint in two key areas with oil paint: Modernism and Impressionism. Light and Color are the premise of my work and I find that the vibrancy of color creates a state of joy and peace. There are zillions of ways to express colors, like having so many specific words in a dictionary. It is a language that I am driven to explore endlessly and take joy in.

My artwork is created with my painting knife, and a few rarely used brushes and high quality oil paint.

I am on this earth to create beauty. I would like to create beauty for you.

If you are going to be in the Sonoma County area, feel free to contact me to make an appointment to see any of my works in person.


Brooks Institute of Photography with an emphasis on Portraiture - Studies with Susan Sarback of the School of Light and Color for 10 years - 25 years of dedicated painting exploration specializing in color and atmospheric study


​Studio Artist at:
Fulton Crossing Gallery

Open: Friday - Sunday, 11am - 4pm
Open Studio every 3rd Friday, 5 - pm

1200 River Rd, Fulton, CA 95439
707 536-3305
Open Sat & Sun 12pm - 5pm


Exhibits and Galleries:

The La Crema Show:
A Vibrant Collection of 21 Uplifting Oil Paintings
​La Crema Estate at Saralee's Vineyard
​2nd Floor Gallery
Open daily 10am - 5pm
October 2018 - May 2019
3575 Slusser Rd, Windsor, CA 95492

an Unexpected Collaborative Surprise

Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Artist Reception: Friday, August 3, 2018​
August 3 to September 9, 2018

282 S. High Street, Sebastopol, CA
707 829-4797

Paintings that speak the language of color

Fulton Crossing
Artist Reception: Friday, May 18, 5 - 8pm
May 5 - 27th, 2018

1200 River Rd, Fulton, CA 95439
707 536-3305
Open Sat & Sun 12pm - 5pm