Joane Dao

Joane Dao

Gatineau , QC, Canada

About Joane Dao

My artistic approach
First of all I start with my academic training. I received basic training at the baccalaureate level at the University of Quebec in Hull as a graphic designer.
I draw and paint since my childhood and always thirsty for experience I begin in 2012 advanced courses in oil painting.

I mainly use oil painting as a medium.
I love to paint characters and landscapes. My work is intuitive with an impressionist style.

The artist in me tries to seduce the spectators by the concern for aesthetic beauty and romanticism.

However the color and the search for light will always be one of my big concerns and source of inspiration.

Joane Dao artist


Graduate Bachelor University Quebec Outaouais graphic Designer


2016 exhibition in solo Château Cartier.
Symposium des arts 2019 Papineauville août 2019
Exhibition in solo , hotel Doubletree tree Hilton sept.-january 2020
Symposium des couleurs Gatineau oct 2019


Art Galery Old Chelsea July 2020