Joel Tenzin

Joel Tenzin

Bordeaux, nouvelle aquitaine, France

About Joel Tenzin

French artist, born in the french Alps, living in Bordeaux, visited the world in beetwen.
My studio is in Bordeaux, France. Such a sweet life there.
I am a teacher too, in my studio and around. I give workshops in France and some other places around the world
I love to paint plein air, with others, if you have the same bad habit, drop me a line.
If you can't pay me a visit in my studio, you can visit my website.


Deug Art hist Stendhal, grenoble(fr), Master communication stendhal Grenoble (fr), MFA Sorbonne Paris (fr)


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Past exhibition, selection:
2016 : Pakistan, Canada…
2015 : India, Indonesia…
2014 : Greece, Portugal, Italy, France.
For a more extensive list, please visit my website
Future Shows:
From 1999, I've done about a 100 exhibitions in so many countries. I'm a little bit tired of this.