John Raymond Mireles

John Raymond Mireles

San Diego, CA, United States

About John Raymond Mireles

I am a photographer with a conceptual bent. I presently live in San Diego; prior to that I lived and made work in New York City. My artistic goal is to challenge conventional notions of what photography is - both conceptually and in it physical manifestation. My photo work crosses many genres: it has ranged from portraiture to still life to landscape to street work to documentary projects.

Many of my exhibitions take place in the public spaces and make use of materials and locations typically ignored by art or reserved for commercial advertisements. For example, I installed my New York City installation of my Neighbors portrait project on 1/4 mile of fencing outside a park in Lower Manhattan. For my Anchorage Museum installation, my art occupied an inner gallery, the facade of the glass building and a location in the community.

With my still life work, I often explore the boundaries of how three dimensional objects may be realized in two-dimensional photographic form. Underlying my work you'll often find a conceptual foundation that drives the visual content. With my False Idol Worship series I examine some of the objects of worship within our culture. While in my Black Bottles series, I address the impact of another person's alcoholism in my life.

My work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and public spaces across the USA. If you're ever in San Diego, you're welcome to contact me about a studio visit.


BA - University of California, Santa Barbara


Scheduled future events include:
- Oklahoma Black Museum and Performing Arts Center, Fall 2020, Solo Show
- San Diego Museum of Art, Fall 2021, Solo Show


Solo Exhibitions
- CM Curatorial “False Idol Worship” (San Diego) August 2019
- Photographer’s Eye Gallery “Surreptitious” (Escondido, CA) July 2019
- Art X “False Idol Worship” (New York City) 2018
- Storefront Gallery “Surreptitious” (New York City) 2018
- Huntington University “Neighbors” (Peoria, Arizona) 2018
- WHAM Community Art Center “Neighbors” (Surprise, Arizona) 2018
- Anchorage Museum of Art “Neighbors” (Anchorage, Alaska) 2017
- Bread and Salt Gallery “Manifestations of Change” (San Diego, California) 2016
- Circuitous Succession Gallery “Survey” (Memphis, Tennessee) 2016
- Galleria 1886 “From Here to There” (San Diego, California) 2016
- Visual Gallery “Sans” (San Diego, California) 2010

Public Installations
- “Buy White Privilege” (San Diego) 2019
- Bank of Oklahoma Building “Neighbors” (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 2018
- First Street Green Park “Neighbors” (New York City) 2018
- Barrio Logan “Chicano Neighbors” (San Diego) 2018
- Neighbors (San Diego, California) 2015

Group Exhibitions
- Anthony Philip Gallery (New York City) 2017
- Marshall Arts Gallery (Memphis, Tennessee) 2017
- Art of Photography Show (San Diego, California) 2014

Selected Media Coverage
- SD City Beat “John Raymond Mireles explores entitlement in ‘White Privilege Project’” March, 2019
- Oklahoma Gazette “Beyond Borders” December, 2018
- The Guardian "The Best US Public Art This Summer" June, 2018
- NY Times "8 Outdoor Art Installations in New York to Get Excited About" May, 2018
- PDN "Do You Really Know Your Neighbors?" May 2018
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