Jo Mattison

Jo Mattison

Dallas, TX, United States

About Jo Mattison

Born and raised in Louisiana, but now 25 years in Texas, I am happy to say that I am a full time artist. Painting has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I spent time doing other art forms such as interior design and decorative painting, but I always came to realize that my true love was painting pictures on canvas. Abstract art has always fascinated me. It is the style that I am drawn to most and want to surround myself with. I have experimented with different types of materials, composition and styles. Vivid colors excite me, but I also like to work with soothing blue and greens.
I consider myself a color-field artist. That is, most of my works are centered around one predominant color. Lately my works are getting more complex, though. I love working large. My largest canvas is 6 feet by 7 feet. Making big pieces is my preference, but I am trying to make smaller art now too.
I have preferred acrylics over oils for many years now. I feel that this is better for the earth and better for my health! I love to blend the water based products that I use like oil. It is a challenge but it works out nicely.
Before I begin a piece, I do a small study on paper with pastels. The pastels blend beautifully! Then the real challenge comes when I reproduce the study onto a large canvas. Sometimes the final result is very close to the study and sometimes it becomes something else!
It is fun to see where the process leads me. Good surprises happen often and that inspires and motivates me.


I began art education at Louisiana State University. After 2 years and many art classes later I transferred to Louisiana Tech University. There I focused on interior design, but continued painting and drawing classes. I received my BFA from La. Tech in 1977.


Upcoming: Fall 2021: "The Other Art Fair," Dallas TX.
November/December 2019, "Levity," group show, Venture X, Dallas, Texas
September 2019, "The Other Art Fair," juried show, Dallas, TX.