Jonezy Artwork

Jonezy Artwork

Keizer, OR, United States

About Jonezy Artwork

His name is Randy Jones, but he's better known in the art world as JonezyArtwork.
He has been creating artwork since the 1990's and started exhibiting his work in galleries all over the world in early 2004. To date, JonezyArtwork has sold over 700+ paintings worldwide. He is self taught, growing up with many great influences and working each year to perfect his own unique style. He uses a steady hand and precise techniques to create these paintings. JonezyArtwork refers to his style as a mix between Cartoon and Urban. Every single painting created is an original, one of a kind piece of art. He strongly believes that each painting should be unique, making every piece extra special for art collectors/art owner. No one in the world will have the same piece of artwork if you own a JonezyArtwork masterpiece.


Self Taught

Chemeketa Community College


Current Event

FEB 5, 2019
Live Painting at CMXX 'TUESDAY BLEND'
Las Vegas ,NV


Dec 2006- Venti’s Café (Salem, OR)
Jan 2007- Alpha Cult (Long Beach, CA)
Jan 2007-Echo Curio (Los Angeles CA)
Feb 2007- The Beanery (Salem, OR)
Feb 2007-The Fish out of Water Gallery (San Diego, CA)
Mar 2007-Cereal Killers Artshow (Studio City, CA)
Aug 2010- First Friday Art booth (Las Vegas,NV)
Sept 2010-First Friday Art booth (Las Vegas, NV)
May 2011- Solo show @The Cupcakery (Las Vegas,NV)
May 2012- Artshow @ The Cupcakery (Las Vegas, NV)
Jan 2014- Solo Exhibit @Velvet Lounge (Bend, OR)
March 2016- Live Painting @Velvet Lounge (Bend,OR)
April 2016-Solo Artshow @Velvet Lounge (Bend, OR)
May 2016- Solo exhibit @ Kraftworks (Salem, OR)
Dec 2016-JonezyArtwork @ Venti's Cafe (Salem, OR)
Jan 2017-JonezyArtwork @ Venti's Cafe (Salem, OR)

Sept 2017- JonezyArtwork Live Mural Painting @Taproot Lounge & Cafe (Salem,OR)

Nov 2017- Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery (Salem,OR)

Dec 2017- Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery (Salem,OR)

Jan 2018- Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery (Salem,OR)

Feb 2018- Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery (Salem,OR)

Mar 2018- Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery (Salem,OR)

April 2018- velvet lounge (Bend, OR)

April 2018- 420 Munchie Gang Show
Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery(Salem,OR)


Lower Division Urban Contemporary Gallery (Salem,OR)

May 2018- Ty Curtis Concert Live painting. At Jack London Revue(PDX,OR)

May 17th 2018 Painting live on tv with CCTV
(episode 1 of SLAM) hosted by THATKIDCRY

June 2018- Live painting at Carousel(Salem, OR)

June 2018- GROUP SHOW
Lower Division Art Gallery(Salem,OR)

July 4-5th, 2018- Live mural downtown at the riverfront for 'cherryfest NW'(Salem, OR)

July 6, 2018- Solo Art exhibit at Maven Boutique
(Eugene, OR)

July 15, 2018- Hosted a music video at my Gallery Lower Division, Rapper known as 'Gift of Gab' made a music video with all my artwork featured in the background.(Salem, OR)

July 26, 2018- Painted live on stage with Ty Curtis

July 27, 2018- Painted on stage with TY CURTIS at 'GUTS' Music Festival

August 2, 2018- Painted on stage live with TY CURTIS
Hood river Music Fest (Hood River,OR)

August 4, 2018- Painted live on stage with TY CURTIS
at Crawfish Fest(Tualatin, OR)

August 14, 2018- Painted a custom painting/delivered in person to bay area rapper 'Lil Debbie' At Paris Theater

August 20, 2018- Painted a custom painting/delivered to rapper signed by Eminem/shady records known as 'Yelawolf'. Also delivered zArt to 'Sons of Sheila' At Roseland Theater

Aug 31, 2018- Skate Deck exhibit at Lower Division Art Gallery(Salem,OR)

Sept 8, 2018- Art booth at skate competition(Newberg,OR)

Sept 8, 2018- Live painting on stage w/
Jake Cohara & Synchro at Taproot

Sep 22, 2018- Group Show at Kizler Coffee

Sept 26, 2018- Painted live on tv with CCTV, SLAM 2 at The Space (Salem,OR)

Sept 27, 2018- Live Painting Door at FURBISH (Salem)

Oct 5- Solo Artshow at Madrone Disp. (PDX, OR)

Oct 12, 2018- Live painting for Rapper Aceyalone (Salem,OR)

Oct 21, 2018- Group show at Bigfoot bud Co.
(Mollala, OR)

Oct 27, 2018- Donated Art to 'KickCancer For kids'

Oct 30- Art show group show(OR City)

Nov- Live Art at 1859

Dec1 2018- Solo Artshow @Taproot

Jan 2019- Solo Artshow @ Bigfoot Bud Co

Jan 9&16- Live Art with DJ EPS at The Shack

*Dec 2014 & Feb 2016- JonezyArtwork Featured in *Magazine SOURCE WEEKLY(Bend,OR)
*Jan 12, 2016-Mid-Valley Vibes Podcast Interview ‘JonezyArtwork’
*Nov 13- 100.7 & 88.5 FM Radio. KMUZ ‘JonezyArtwork’ interviewed by DJ SWONE
*Sept 2017- Live Mural by JonezyArtwork @Taproot Lounge & Cafe (22ft Shuffleboard)
*Oct 2017- 100.7 & 88.5FM Radio. KMUZ ‘JonezyArtwork’ talks about opening his own Urban Art Gallery 'Lower Division' with host DJ SWONE
*Aug-Sept 2018- JonezyArtwork was featured in Press Play Magazine (Salem,OR)