jorge young

jorge young

viña del mar, valparaiso, Chile

About jorge young

I am interested in hybrid thinking fields, where ideas permeate the materials, forms and places and sensations acquire a thickness that moves us.
my work explores contemporary painting fields, placing it self in an hybrid reflexion space, the crossbreed between the hand-made and the digital, the surface and the light witch illuminates it, the static and the mutable, which reflects our culture from the metaphor of ambiguity, a reflexion on the impossibility to catch the light of the moment, which escapes like a pixel dissolving in one`s sight, to regain, for a moment, that sort of estrangement when we look at these images that escape, abandoning us in uncertainty.


1988-1990 architecture, Catholic University of valparaiso
1992 materials, technics and pictorical procedures, Catholic University of Chile, santiago of Chile
1992-1993 engrave, marco antonio sepulveda workshop


individual exhibitions

1991 simultanic visions, cultural center of valdivia, chile
1992 nodos, cafe del biografo, santiago, chile
1993 black magic, simultaneously in el café del biografo and goethe institut in santiago, chile
1994 relato, sala vina in vina del mar, chile
1997 speculative relato, icaro gallery in vina del mar, chile
1998 intervalica, extension center of catholic university of chile in santiago, chile
1999 pliedro, central house catholic university of valparaiso, chile
2002 momentaneous motivs, edificio direccion nacional de aduanas in valparaiso, chile
2003 caleidoschromia, sala el farol, extension center of university of valparaiso, chile
about identity and metamorphosis, arquitecture and design school, catholic university of valparaiso, chile
2004 circuits, confinences, anachromias, wulff castle gallery, vina del mar, chile
circuits, confinences, anachromias, carlos hojas center, talca university, talca, chile
2005 screen, codar gallery of catholic university of valparaíso, renaca, chile
2006 transpix, sala el farol, extension center of university of valparaiso, chile
2012 rotomototondo, sala el farol, extension center of university of valparaiso, chile

colectival exhibitions

1989 archi-art, casa central universidad catolica de valparaiso, chile
1998 de lorenzo, santis, young, el almendral center, san felipe, chile
1999 movimiento forma y espacio, centro de extension, talca university, chile
2001, mac,contemporary art museum, santiago, chile
movimiento forma y espacio, antofagasta university, chile
2003 movimiento forma y espacio, art museum concepcion university, concepcion, chile
2004 el galpon del arte, la sala gallery, santiago chilean abstract artists, reencuentro gallery, santiago de chile
2011 para (de) mirar, colectivo santis, sanfuentes, young, sala puntángeles, valparaíso
2012 el nuevo paisaje, de patrick steeger, casa E valparaíso
2012 KIAF, internacional art fair, envío stuart gallery, seúl corea
2013 feria Chaco con patrick steeger, envío galería p. ready, santiago
2015 uso y abuso, de p. steeger, mac, santiago
desbordes, con oscar santis y ana hirschmann,
universidad talca, sala centro extensión santiago
2016 uso y abuso, de p. steeger, centro cultural matta, buenos aires, argentina

escenical montages and others

1999 several escenical montages for the female chorus of catholic university of valparaiso
2000 escenical montage for musical work “ikonos de los misterios del rosario” by the chilean composer boris alvarado in municipal theater of vina del mar and cd edition with grafic and musical register, sponsored by FONDART
2002 graphical work for “dos mundos”,cd from TRYO rock group
escenical montage for concert “dos mundos” TRYO rock group in municipal theater of vina del mar
2005 grafical work for “xilos”, cd from XILOS percussion group
2016 escenical montage for concert “orbitas” TRYO rock group in duoc theater of valparaiso