Joshua Matherne

Joshua Matherne

New Orleans, LA, United States

About Joshua Matherne

Joshua Matherne is a New Orleans artist who excels in the use of color and expression to relay a different perspective on common interactions. He explores the light-hearted side of life in an attempt to offset many of the serious events that we are presented with on a daily basis.

Viewing his dynamic and whimsical works of art is a truly gratifying experience.
His works have evolved from portraying characters with humorous expressions to revealing the powerful impact that love has on us. He is willing to juxtapose those mature feelings with characters that symbolize innocence and naïveté.

His preferred medium is oil, but also creates works using acrylics, inks and digital media. He is willing to explore both in subject matter and media to push the boundaries of his unique perspective and unhindered imagination. The artist brings an extensive mastery of color theory, innate sense of rhythm, and expressive brushstrokes to each painting. His art is visual poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic expression.

Indeed, Joshua has developed his own visual vocabulary and inimitable style. With utmost proficiency he invites us to view the world through special lenses. Through his paintings we experience our world with an extraordinary and compelling perspective.