Jean - Pierre Decort

Jean - Pierre Decort

Aalst, East Flanders, Belgium

About Jean - Pierre Decort

Jean- Pierre DECORT (Painter, Photographer) Artist, Born in Lot, Belgium, now living in Aalst.

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I've been a painter and photographer all my life.
After my professional career as a Finance Manager / Controller and Board Member, I became a full time Artist.

My paintings are mainly abstract, with references towards cubism and Op-Art.
Most of my geometric paintings are inspired by the art of Paul Van Hoeydonck and the imaginary world created by Panamarenko.

The Expressionist Abstracts are inspired by G.Richter, and Nature.

Some of my paintings are in private collections in Belgium, Canada, France, The U.K. and The U.S.A.

My art has been described as: By simplifying the forms, he acquires a refined harmonious unity.


Private painting and drawing lessons.
Summer Master Classes in Belgium, France and Italy.
From 2004, Stedelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in my home town Aalst. Belgium .
Graduated 2012.


Jean - Pierre Decort's
Painting BLUE SPARKELS – showed as Current sales on on Sept 2016.

Space 372- Crossing the Copper Line, was selected by R. Wilson in the New this week collection of
9-4-2017 and also appeared in the “Playfull Patterns – Geometric collection By T. Blythewood-Porter in Oct 2017

3 of his paintings featured in the “Spotlight on Belgium” in April 2017
– Fluid Blue Motion
– Green Glance One
– Fairview

Aug 2017 Brooke Hulton selected my Green Glance One as a favorit.
Jan 2018 Any Which Way “ was featured in the Saatchi Geometric Abstracts Selection by K. Henning
Feb 2019 Invited by the "M Museum" in Leuven, (Belgium) for their " Open M" Summer event.
Apr 2019 - My painting Blue Glance Essentials, was featured in New This Week - collection. by Rebecca Wilson.
May 2020, My painting " Warm and Tenderly" was selected by Bethany Fincher ( Saatchi Art Curator )
-From October 31 to Feb 21, 2021 my drawing "Alternation 3" will be on display in the SMAK (Museum of modern Art) in Ghent expo "Drawing in the Lockdown"
- Nov 2020 My drawing " Alternation 3" was published in the Booklet Drawing During Lockdown By SMAK Ghent.

Paintings sold thru Saatchiart.
Jan 2017 - Harbour, to a collector in Los Angeles. C.A.USA
May 2017 - Fairview, to a collector in Concord C.A. USA
Jul 2017- Green Glance Variations to a collector in Sewanee, TN USA
Feb 2018 - Scratched White Traces, to a collector in Reston VA USA.
Nov 2018 - Nr 6850 sold to a collector in Ardmore Pennsylvania USA.
Jan 2019 - Lost Illusion was sold to an Interior Desiger in Chicago.IL USA.
Nov 2019 - Blue 3422 was sold to a collector in Amagansett ( N.Y.) USA.
Dec 2019, Token, a Purple Fantasy was sold to a collector in Wasilla (Alaska) U.S.A.
May 2020- Urban -No Rules, sold to a collector in Claremont CA. USA
Aug 2020, Fancy Touches of Gold, was sold to a Collector in London, U.K.
Feb 2021, From me to You, was sold to a collector in Folsom CA USA


Many years of local events and group exhibitions.

2021 April / May NATS 21 Aalst
2020 Oct 30 thru Feb 2021 Smak Gent Drawing during the Lockdown. (Alternation #3)
2019 May HO Collect at Art and Design Aalst.( B)
2019 May Thru Sep : Open M museum Louvain (B)
2019 May 5 Stedelijke Academie Aalst
2019 Apr Kunstoevers Aalst
2018 June thru Aug : De Gaanderij Aalst
2018 April Kunstoevers Aalst
2017 May Likart De Warrande Liedekerke
2016 May KR 5 St Martinusheem Haaltert
2016 Apr AvBK Aalst
2015 Nov Arty Party Aalst
2015 May AvBK Aalst
2015 Mar De Werf Aalst
2014 Dec Art Fare Belfort Aalst
2014 Jun SAMWD Denderhoutem
2014 May AvBK Aalst
2013 Jun De Gaanderij Aalst
2012 Jan CHK Wiels De Canvas Collectie Brussel