Juan Manuel Garcia

Juan Manuel Garcia

Miami, FL, United States

About Juan Manuel Garcia

Once graduated in business administration of the Universidad de la Sabana of Bogota, he decided to simply enjoy life through their eyes, no matter what this meant economic or social failure. it was risky for someone from the working class in Colombia.
He begun doing anything, then portraits, then fashion and soon he start receiving assignments in different fields from cars, food, architecture, news, celebritys for every magazine and advertising agency, in addition to all customers dreamed by any top photographer in Colombia. All this creates his timeless strong style, because evolving with the times and trends, but in the right measure. He takes on very project from a fresh perspective. "for me is the only way, there are no looks, anyone and anything have your only and unique personality. you just can't apply formulas. you want to get something new and for ever".
His iconic pictures remain original and fresh through time and have won many international awards in advertising and art.
He is currently living with his family in the United States and divides his time between his studios in Miami,Bogota and Berlin.


Museum of modern art Bogota Fashion photography exhibition