judyta krawczyk

judyta krawczyk

Avola Antica, Syracuzy, Italy

About judyta krawczyk

My painting begins on the street, with an observation, a situation, a light, a theme, a man. It's a simple record of things that particularly captivate my attention. Without overinterpretation, without a concept, without a need to make a great and symbolic statement. I make paintings on canvas, usually with black and white. Often impassioned, I paint tenderly people's faces, objects and places that appeal to me.


2010 – Graduated with honors from studio of prof. Leon Tarasewicz, Department of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland





2019 - "Attrazioni - exibition, Noto, Sicily
2018 - exibition colletive " Inner Vision", Avola, Sicily
2017 - Exhibition "People like metronomy, rock the cold
in warm colors" - Cracow, Poland
2014 - Exhibition " list of things", Warsaw
2014 - Exhibition "all right. but at home the best",
Jazz Club Barometr, Warsaw, Poland
2012 - „Strabag Artaward International 2012” Painting,
semi- final – Vienna, Austria
2012 - Exhibition "259", Galery Klima Bochenska,
Warsaw, Poland
2011 - Exhibition " Covering ", Stacja Falenica, Warsaw,
2011 - Exhibition „ No me anymore”, Foundation GREY
HOUSE" - Kraków, Poland
2010 - Adam and Irena Gawlikowski Competition
(Distinction), Academy of Fine Arts –
Warsaw, Poland
2010 – „Jozef Szajna Award, Academy of Fine Arts –
Warsaw, Poland
2010 – „Promotions” Final Exhibition – Warsaw, Poland
2010 – „Coming Out” Exhibition (Graduation with
honors) – Warsaw, Poland
2007 – „Golden Kenatur” Painting Competition and
Exhibition – Munich, Germany