Julia Woodman

Julia Woodman

Dorking, England, United Kingdom

About Julia Woodman

I paint and create from some furnace within which seems connected with the outer universe. I see art and poetry in everything. I love different styles, mediums, ideas - work that is philosophical, beautiful, surreal, fantastical, abstract - that reflects the mind, the heart, life, emotion, the universal. I enjoy many other forms of art too.

In my profile picture I am looking up at my original oil called PASSION at an exhibition, but I have painted all over the photo too. This original sold at the exhibition, along with a couple of others.

I currently do not have a studio and space at home is very limited so am not doing many physical works, mostly digital ones, so open prints and canvasses are available rather than many original works.

I am also a writer and therapist at radiance-solutions dot co dot uk with books avail on Amazon.

Grew up in SA, travelled quite a bit including a couple of years on a yacht, now been in UK for many years.


Painted Live Murals at Pippfest in Dorking September 2017, 2018, 2019. Each is 8 ft high on primed board, plus some private mural work.


Recently exhibited in Star, Dorking, and booked again for Aug 2020. Sold several pieces.