Julieta Laino

Julieta Laino

Mar del Plata, Argentina

About Julieta Laino

MY ART MANIFESTO (What I work for)

To enhance humankind.

To refine our legacy.

To honor the highest within and without.

To evolve, to nurture, to love.

To make beauty, for beauty brightens us.

To smooth ours edges.

To soften ourselves, so we can grow more.

To celebrate uniqueness.

To discover, refine and offer our gifts.

To become skillful with noble powers.

To speak that which is genuine and pure.

To awaken in love.


Julieta Laino was born in 1979 in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her first steps in the art world were in ceramics and dance disciplines. She studied to become a Classic Dance Teacher and was part of several dance troupes within a company. Later in her life she graduated as a Graphic Designer in Universidad de Belgrano (2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina). She worked in Buenos Aires as a designer for different studios, specifically in institutional communication and branding. Later, she opened her own design and communication studio.

She studied expressive and Japanese calligraphy.

Life turns lead her to the journey of deep self-discovery. As a result of that search, she became an Anusara Yoga Teacher for which she travelled around the United States, Peru and Chile. She worked as a yoga consultant and was in charge of the management and direction of yoga and meditation seminaries with renowned yoga masters.

In the last six years, she has been designing and offering courses to develop human potential, joining together yoga tools and art and design ideas.

In the present, she is involved with art projects and the intervention of spaces from a contemporary point of view; that is, integrating the wisdom of ancient times with modern outlines.


BAP GALLERY @bellemurartproject
Paris, France
February 18th to 24th, 2020

Virtual exhibition
BAP GALLERY @bellemurartproject
Ibiza, Spain
May 10th to September 15th, 2020