Karen Salem

Karen Salem

Austin, TX, United States

About Karen Salem

I’m inspired by the splendor of nature and believe original art in the home can kinder the spirit and transform lives.
My silkscreening technique is impulsive using unconventional tools. I digitally manipulate my photography in the halftone effect and burn it into a huge, hand built silkscreen. I then squeegee the black ink over the abstract painting leaving a translucent melding of mediums. I learned this process from a curator at the Andy Warhol Museum.
My "Vanishing Texas" collection illustrates what is worth protecting for future generations.
swimmin' holes, iconic figures and cultural experiences like rodeos, dance halls, charming towns, old barns, heritage ranches and horse pasture landscapes adorned with windmills, cactus and longhorns. My Florida Coastal Collection portrays palm trees, and sea creatures while avoiding the pitfalls of cliche’.
My art is featured in private collections and art galleries throughout Texas, NYC, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Florida.


Art Insitute of Fort Lauderdale


Echo Gallery Featured Artist Johnson City Texas 2020
Delray Beach Florida Art Museum 2019
Sarasota art showcase 2019
Daytona Beach Art festival 2019
DeLand Florida Art Show 2019
Ocala art festival 2019
Fading Texas - Estancia Art January 2018
Art Austin March 2017
Galleria Spring Fest May 2017


Echo Gallery Featured on going exhibition - Johnson City 2019 -2020
Solo Exhibition Estancia Art -Bee Cave Texas 2018
Russell Collection- Austin Texas 2015
Solo Exhibition Pop- Miami Beach Florida 1999