Karl Percival

Karl Percival

Congleton, Cheshire, United Kingdom

About Karl Percival

Having studied art at college and university, in the 80’s I launched into my career as a commercial artist and was quickly taken on by London agents, I continued in this career for some years illustrating book covers, magazine DPSs, medical books, film posters, newspaper cartoons, in fact everything including the kitchen sink!

As I had a commercial outlook everything I did was based on speed and the cheapest methods, little did I realise I was actually learning multiple techniques out of monetary need. I’ve always been a bit of a secret artist despite having had exhibitions around the country most of my friends wouldn’t know I even paint, it’s ever so nice when people visit to say 'oh yes' I painted that.

Very occasionally I still produce work commercially however, I now have a different outlook and only take work that I want to produce. Nowadays having time to paint ‘what I want’ is the real driving force and at last I feel supreme satisfaction in completing a work. And I’m constantly looking for the next series of studies to paint often years ahead.

When it comes to medium I have no favourite, often mixing many to get a desired effect, likewise when it comes to style I have no fixed outlook, this I develop to match the studies.

Now living in rural Cheshire I really enjoy passing on the tips and techniques that I’ve developed over many years. I hope to see you soon in one of our classes.


Yes there was some, Salford University & Umist.