Katrin Süss

Katrin Süss

Berlin, Germany

About Katrin Süss

# born in Dresden, Germany # lives and works in Dresden and Berlin # Educational Journey to Crete, Greece # Seminars in Salzburg: Artistic Essentials, Painting, Graphic Arts # Educational Journeys to Crimea and the Ukraine # EU Scholarship in Lanzarote, Spain # Scholarship New York City # When her first-born daughter Clara died in the 1990s, the imagery of the circle turned into a highly personal part of her creative work. # Suess began reeling up oversized wheels. Resembling landscapes and earth structures, the rough and smooth surfaces appear to lead into infinity, like the lifeline of a never-ending story. The heavy objects, sometimes over a meter in diameter, were placed behind white, silky Japanese paper where they assumed an almost hovering lightness. (written by Susann & Ulf Krueger from SQUARING THE CIRCLE)


1983-1986 Studies in Painting and Graphic Arts at HfBK Dresden1986-1990 Diploma Course in Graphic Design at HTW Berlin, Simultaneously: Courses in Painting and Sketching with Christa Schuhmann, Wulf Seiler, Wolfgang Leber, Manfred Schubert 1996-1998 Correspondence course of Art Therapy in Hamburg With Frances Dupierry, Performance Artist from South Africa For biography, and a list of solo & group exhibitions please visit the artists web site.,


Upcoming 2017

"Transformed Circles"
Solo Show at
Salomon Arts Gallery, Tribeca, NYC
Opening: July 17
July 18 - July 31