Barbara Kerwin

Barbara Kerwin

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Barbara Kerwin

Washington, USA. 1964. Attended Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, Ca., and was the All Graduate Universities' selected Fellow in 1995.

Kerwin lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work resides in the spontaneously perceptive areas of proportion and measurements found in a lineage including Reinhardt, McGlaughlin and Palermo. Kerwin uses a variety of media to achieve her goals for each painting, which include: oil, oil in high melt waxes (which is then scraped and buffed to created a translucent sheen) and acrylic. These paintings have been called by critics in L.A. "sexy", "passionate", and "surfaces to dream on".
Her work has been in over 100 exhibitions and is collected internationally.


Claremont Graduate University, 1995. All University Fellow; Academic Award.

SELECTED SOLO SHOWS: (Review*,Catalog**)
2008WINDOWS, April/May 2008, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, California.* SCREENS, December 2005/6, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa MonicaSequence, Feb-Mar 2003, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica *Dreaming of Rectangles, December 2000-2001, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica* ***Fractured and Factured, April-May 1999, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica The Grid, March,1997, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica* Constructed Paintings,November 1994, West Gallery, Claremont

SELECTED GROUP SHOWS (Review*, Catalog**)
2012 COVERING GROUND, Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne, Aus.
2011 -COVERING GROUND, Harris Gallery, Pomona.
2010 -ESQUIRE HOUSE, magazine design house; Salvatore Feragamo room. For Roland, Bunny Gunner Gallery, Pomona.
2009 -White, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Los Angeles..
2008 -Structural Integrity, Harris Gallery, La Verne, CA. Curator: Dion Johnson.
2007 -Keeping it Straight,, Riverside Museum of Art, thru Jan 2008.-Out of Line, Cal State Stanislaus & Idylwild Art Center, California (traveling Exhibition, Riverside Museum).2006 Young & Minimal Los Angeles, Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, Nancy Silverman-Miles, curator.Simplicity, DIALOG with the Curators, Brea Museum, Tomas & Tina, curatorsOut of Line.,;CSU Stanislaus; Idylwild School of ART. Andi Campagnone, curator.2005Out of Line, Riverside Museum of Art & La Sierra College,CA, Traveling Exhibiton, Campagnone, Curator Monotypes, Riverside Art Museum, Andi Campagnone, Curator.Theories: LA PAINT, Post Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Mark Zimmerman, curator* LA Abstraction, Traveling Exhibition: Louisiana Tech University, Raton, LA Campagnone, Curator.; 2004Luster, Gensler, San Francisco. Curator: Andi CouwenbergLos Angeles Abstraction, Soho Myriad, Atlanta, Georgia. Curator: Andi Couwenberg.*Skakespeare As Muse, Schneider Museum of Art, SOU, Ashland, OR. Curator: Josine Starrels.The CGU Seven, 7 Degrees,Gallery Curator Jamie Wilson, Newport Beach.20th Anniversary Show, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.*2003 Wet Paint, Brea Museum Gallery, Curator: Travis Collinson.Surface, Square Blue Gallery, Newport Beach, Curator Jamie Wilson.Black & White, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica.2002 Mentors/Mentes, Cal State University, Los Angeles, Curator LaMonte WestmorlandUtopian Grids, Coagula Projects, Los Angeles. Curator: Mat Gleason.*2001 White Show, Huntington Beach Center for the Arts, Dec 2000-February 2001.*Long Beach Museum of Art, Art Auction 2001.2000 Contemporary Art 2000,. Korean CC, LA. Curators: Ianco-Starrels/Goodman LACMA**Last Show, Steffany Martz Gallery, Chelsea, New York.Variations on a Theme, Century Gallery, Los Angeles Mission College, Curator: John Cantley.*1999 Steffany Martz Gallery, Chelsea, New York.1998 Steffany Martz Gallery, Chelsea, New York. Dressed in White, Gallery Paradisio, Costa Mesa. Curator: Jennifer Faist**Bergamot Inaugural, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.Los Angeles County Museum of Art Benefit Auction, (Invited), Los Angeles.1997 Generational Abstraction, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica.Herd, Mendenhall Gallery, Whittier College, Curator: Geoff Allen.Gensler 69th Exhibition, Curators: Acme and Ruth Bachofner Galleries, SMTwenty-fifth Anniversary Invitational, Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC,50th Anniversary Invitational, CSULA, Luckman Gallery, Los Angeles.1996 1ST Alumni Invitational, Luckman Gallery, California State University, LA**Green, Factory Place Gallery, Los Angeles, Curator: Mat Gleason.Shape Shifters:Morphology in Current Abstraction, Spanish Kitchen,LA*1995 L.A. Movers at the Old L.A. Louvre, William Turner Gallery, Venice.Sculpture, Assemblage and Construction, San Bernadino Museum of Art.*LA Artists, Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, Canada. Curator: Wendy Welch.,


2017–Barbara Kerwin, on the Artists’ Monument newly installed at the University of Illinois, Chicago—after first exhibited at the 2014 Whitney Biennial. Here is a YouTube about it:

Barbara Kerwin finds herself on the wall of ART STARS, Lancaster Museum of Art and History., episode 27, Barbara Kerwin interviewed by Mat Gleason, June 19, 2016,

Geometric Progressions, the Art of Barbara Kerwin, 2016, now on ISSUU:

VIMEO: Barbara Kerwin Interview, 2012.
Review--Barbara Kerwin: "Beautiful Art, Beautiful Artist" July 6, 2012, Southern California Art Historians, author Jeanne Willette.
Los Angeles Cultural Innovation Artist's ARC Grant, Dec. 2011, and more.


2020-Intersectional History, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Ill, February, 2020
2019–Zeitgeist Architectonia, curated by Mela Marsh, McNish Gallery, Oxnard College.
2018–Transcendental Meditations, two person show. Project Room Bishop, Ca.
—Perfectly Imperfect. Curated by Jennifer Faist, Los Angeles.
2016– Drawing from the Inside Out, Published, Book Tour and signings. Barbara Kerwin, author. Available on Amazon.
2015--Corporate Collection of 200 LA Artists works on paper, curated by Jay Beloli, exhibition to follow 2016.

GEOMETRIC PROGRESSIONS, solo survey,Pierce Gallery, 2012.
COVERING GROUND, Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne, Aus., 2012.
Group show, Culver City, 2012.
COVERING GROUND, Harris Gallery, 2011.
Tel-Art-Phone, Beacon Arts, 2011.