Alexandra Knabengof

Alexandra Knabengof

Moscow, moscow, Russia

About Alexandra Knabengof

Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, but the difficult situation in the family did not allow to do what I loved. Before finding vocation and completely devoting myself to painting, I had to work as a courier, waiter, hostess, interior designer.

Painting mostly surrealism mixed with abstract art, futurism, impressionism. Not afraid to try myself in different new directions. Love a lot of color. Laying my unusual meaning in the vision of various form and relationships between people, their love and loneliness, their strangeness and unusualness in ordinary details. I like the works of Giger, Salvador Dali and Freeda Cala.


2019 - ART POETRY All-Russian open festival-competition of poetry and art (May 2-15, 2019). Moscow - Art-Deco Museum.

2019 - Talent of Russia (International exhibition, competition and fair of contemporary art) - 04/18/19 - 04/21/19 Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia - two awards

2019 - Russian Art Week. (XXVI International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art) - 04/08/19 - 04/04/19 Russia, Moscow / MAHL Exhibition Center of the Russian Academy of Arts - three awards

2019 - Abstraction Plus. 04/02/19 - 04/15/19. Tsvetaeva Museum. Mosvka

2019 - City and people. Expression of the mind in color. 03/16/19 - 04/14/19. Electrostal

2019 - Flowers and everything beautiful. 03/16/19 - 03/24/19. d / c Gaydarovets. Moscow

2019 - The world of the artist. 03/02/19 - 03/11/19. "Art Cluster East". Moscow

2018 - Winter Solstice. 12.21.18 - 01.14.19. Moscow