Karl Nassel

Karl Nassel

Wolfratshausen, Bayern, Germany

About Karl Nassel

Instead of starting with dates of birth and so on, I´d rather give you first an
example of my working procedure.

Once I have a basic idea about my next artwork, I begin to contemplate over it. Trying to find out, what would be the best way to bring it to life. My aim is, to make it interesting, but also, to leave room for the viewers own interpretation. Starting with numerous scribbles, collecting collateral, pertaining to the subject is the next step. The selected scribble will be rendered more comprehensive and transferred in scale to a canvas or the illustration board. For a painting, I use acrylic paint, brush, pallet knife and airbrush for smooth color blending. In progress, I will deviate or follow the layout, whatever suits best to improve the artwork. Also, I take advantage of all the now available media on the market. From gels, impasto, metallic paints, dayglow, hologram, lava paste, glass flakes and marble sand, glass beads to costume jewelry, glitter and swarovski gems. I enhance the artwork with found and collected objects, use tissue paper, corrugated and japan paper. Whatever I find, to serve the artwork best.

I do not restrict myself to conform with given rules. The prime target is always, to bring my idea in focus. To be in a good state of mind, when I paint, is very important, because it all reflects in the artwork.

Never the less, but sometimes even the best intention do not bring the expected result. What now? There is only one way to deal with it? Paint over it or destroy it. You can, most times, rescue a piece to be used for your next artwork.

Next, I will follow with my personal data.